Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Regession, progression and playing in past lives and in this life - Having Fun!

Good Morning!
Once again I am coming with lots of subjects in mind that I could post about but just feeling a morning ramble coming on. So here goes:

I am more emotional lately than usual.
I feel like I am detoxing on a non-physical level - like there are toxins, thoughts, programs stored in my cells.. but they are not actually physical entities - they can't be seen in a microscope or anything.
I have cried more lately than ever before.. I was having an emotional day yesterday, sat & cried on my bed before I left for work.. why?
Well, I am going to surface explain this because I don't really want to get into my life too much at this point. If it was only my life, no prob.. but I'm not because I don't want to talk about other family members.

So, of course this all started with going Raw. When you clean out on a physical level you also start cleaning on other levels. When you are raw emotions just flow out & through you. You do become more sensitive, emotional stuff does get released.
Think like a baby - They just cry when upset.. and then when they smile the whole world around them smiles because they are so pure. But going raw is not exactly like this because you also have the maturity to not just cry anywhere.. & you know you are going to be fed &/or etc ..but I'm getting off track..

But lately, this particular emotional detox period started with the ayahuasca weekend. I looked at my thoughts and situations from a completely different perspective. In my trip it was like my higher self picked me up and got me to look at myself from a completely different angle than I had been seeing things. & it showed me how strongly things in my life had been affecting me (& the kids) - The negative situations around me. (I had been thinking 'oh, thats not such a big deal' ...Wrong!)
Then on Sunday seeing Debra Skye - It was like she looked at me like I was crazy.. she said to me "Are You Crazy? - What are you doing?" She totally challenged my whole life situation.. asked me what are you doing here? Meanwhile she was picking things out of the Akashic Record - she had asked my guides & everything to go in there.. and taking situations (& she was bang on with everything!) and questioning why I was acting the way I was. Situations that I couldn't change - and ones that I should be changing. I was explaining, asking questions and I came out of there with a whole new reality check.
Lots to think about.
She told me that she was surprised I didn't seem the type to have so much programming going on. I have a lot of programming!
I am looking at things I have believed in a whole new way. Things I have believed since I was a child. Things my Mom told me. (but hey, nothing against Mom - I am sure I have put some programming in my own kids - we usually do that as parents, unknowingly. ..and we do it to protect them.)

The past life regression session was not as intense. I will tell you more about that later.. limited time now. But one thing I wanted to mention was how it felt when I was lying down, white sheet over me and she was sitting next to me - probably cross-legged but my eyes were closed so I dont know.. and then she put me in a pyramid of white light and then at another point in wrapped myself up in a big white fluffy cloud.. and we journeyed together into different lifetimes.. & I really felt like we were playing. ..and it was really fun!

& then Fred came in last night & talked about how we don't play as much as we used to when we were kids. We get all serious as adults and forget about the fun stuff. When you are a kid you go to your friends house, knock on the door & say hey, you wanna do something ok, what do you want to do, I don't know what do you want to do..lets dress up and play Indians.. ok.
I love that. So he woke up in the morning with an idea he put together for a transformation reading and he gave one to me after work. & that was fun! - It had to do with Osho cards, chocolate!. crop circles, sacred geometry, rose oil, etc.. How fun is that? Very!
(& then I got a drive in a red sports car home! : )

So thats basically my thought for today.. That its important to still have fun. We need to be responsible for ourselves, to nurture and take care of our inner selves. Regression can be just as important as progression - in this life or any of our lives.

Am just checking e-mails - someone who came in & saw me yesterday is mentioning that in addition to these therapies using a vibe machine from Stuff That Works might be a good idea. & I just happen to know one of the owners - great idea! ..will look into that!!

& this - from a new friend I just made at the Secret, Noah, who hopefully will be starting his own blog soon! - just want to share part of his e-mail that is making me really happy right now:

"It's not just a cliche that everything you need is already inside. Anyway, this is what I
do on your blog... I sit on your bench by the sea, taking in the gentle
sunset, and ho'o pono pono my seagull being me sits and looks back at me and
we gaze. A lot to think about. But, there is time, and there is, and there
I am. So today the sea may be rough, and there I am, and tomorrow, the
sunrise may be filled with misty wonder and a fresh new day, and there I am.
The world is many things and it is simply one all at once. And Now, there I

Yikes, no time to reread/edit.. Thats life! Enjoy it & have Fun!!! xo


Queen B said...

I love your blog! It is so full of truth, courage, and light! Love and blessings to you...

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks, Love your blog also!
& love to you back!!