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A suit of divine armour and the beach - excerpts from Lynne Grabhorn's Excuse Me, You're Life is Waiting

excerpted parts from pgs 253-254 of Excuse Me Your LIFE is Waiting by Lynne Grabhorn

Our expanded self vibrates at a frequency we would call - if we were to feel it - pure, unadulterated ecstasy. (This means the greater part of our being is operating at a rate of vibration a bit unknown to us - think really, really happy) Since happiness and well-being are synonymous, that means there's a part of us - the biggest part - that knows nothing but unconditional, timeless well-being, for if you have one (high frequency joy), by the laws of physics you must have the other (well-being).

So here it is: When we are vibrating positively and feeling good, or buzzing, or appreciating; when we're plugged in, focused only on the joys of our Wants rather than the frustrations of our Don't Wants; when we are in a state of being that ranges anywhere from contentment to euphoria; when our valve is open and we are allowing our primary energy to flow through us... there is not one blessed thing in this whole world that can harm us. Nothing! Not in business, not in the home, not on the freeway,, not in the body and not to cherished trees on our grounds. not one bad thing ca happen, for when we are in that energy, we are living - and flowing - the energy of our own omnipotent Selves which knows only pure, untainted well-being, and doesn't know from diddley-squat about negative vibrations.

...(pg 255) ..when our valve is open, and our vibrational scales are tilted even a hair more to the positive than the negative, we literally place ourselves in a suit of divine armour. So when we are plugged in, turned on, and the high frequency juices are flowing freely, we can't even worry about whatever it was we were in the habit of worrying about, which of course just served to attract more of what we were worried about in the first place.

But what about the Bad Stuff?
(pg 257) Whatever is happening always comes back to the same bottom line: when we feel good (or happy,or pleased, or enthusiastic or loving) as an individual or as a group, we're inviting good experiences. When we feel bad or bitter, or guilty, or resentful, or distressed) as an individual or as a group, we're inviting bad experiences.
Thats the way it is everywhere, with all of us.

(pg258) If you do not give your attention to the things you do not want, they can not become a part of your experience, because they will not be included in your vibrations. You can only attract the rapist, murderer or robber by thinking emotionally about being that victim, or- or- by vibrating with other negative emotions that just happen to match the attacker's frequency. Your every emotion creates the experiences of your life.

& this is the part I wanted to get to.. esp because of the video I posted yesterday (awareness is good, dwelling is not good) from her section on the Economy (pg 260)
Pointing to anything -anything- with that negative vibration of blame or "Ain't it awful, tsk, tsk" flows that very same energy to the subject of attention, making it bigger, stronger, and more dangerous than it was before you started bad-mouthing it.
If you are waiting for the economy, the government, or anything else to change before you can be happy, you might have a long wait. But neither do you have to join in the griping which not only adds to the already sizeable problem, but shuts your valve down tight.

almost there - last one - from Moral Issues (pg 262)
If you want to change something, you've got to change the way you're thinking about it. That's all there is to it. The reason all these things are getting so out of hand is that the media focuses on them with a gargantuan hunger, and therefor, so do we.
Being against something isn't going to make it better. In fact it's going to make it worse, because now you are including it in your vibration, flowing more "ain't it awful" out there to join with the other thought forms vibrating at the same frequency.
If you still think that in order to be for something you have to be against something else, change your thinking. Instead, see and feel whatever it is you're crusading for the way you want it to be. Talk about it in that way, write about it, role-play it, take your destructive focus with its powerfully destructive energy off what you perceive as a negative condition, and find ways to open your valve when you think about it. In other words, quit with the Don't Wants and focus on your Wants. The moment you do that, the moment you refuse to wallow with the rest of the world in their endless discontent, you will become one who will make a momentous difference by flowing the magnitude of your higher vibrations.

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