Thursday, September 06, 2007

The art of feeling good, energy and conscious creation

Thoughts and excerpts from Excuse me Your LIFE is Waiting by Lynne Grabhorn. Just finished it, it was great.. highly recommend it -More POA (Power of Attraction).. but I love these books, they're always so motivating, inspiring and positive - they help keep valves open!
& what a perfect place to read a book! : )
The goal is to learn the art of feeling good of the spot.

Contentment is great but passion makes it happen. Passion is a fuel. It is the energy of creation.
Watch raw people- you will see more energy, more passion!

To get passion - follow your joy. Go smell more roses, watch more sunsets, find more grass (& sand) to walk barefoot on, visit more favorite restaurants laugh more, find more places to explore, go to more ball games or plays, indulge in more hobbies, be more spontaneous, play more golf, listen to more music, find more places to skinny dip, smile more, have more fun!

Remember what has been has nothing to do with what can be!

Be aware of your Wants - Open your valve - Beam high frequencies and Be Open to Receive.

Instruction books always accompany inspiration, so forget the "How-to's" - they'll appear.

Create a new script - Think up a grand little daydream ad step into it emotionally.
..and don't take score too soon. You can't write a script today and say "Where is it?" tomorrow.

Watch your excuses. The energy of blame always makes a bad situation worse. Always!

Bottom line - If we are bothered by something or someone we are attracting negatively, thats the way it is!

Forgiveness is a releasing of our resistance to positive energy, not the person we are forgiving.

Whats wrong is never right.

Nothing, but nothing, but nothing comes to us by accident.
Everything is drawn to us electromagnetically by our feelings and our vibrations. Nothing in our world ever has, or ever will, come to us except by our own vibrational invitation.

Being happy, in the final analysis, is what health and well-being is all about.

Don't wait to feel good before you turn on. Turn on all day long. Make it a habit. Buzz for no other reason than to keep your frequencies up, your valve open, and your resistance down to high-frequency energy.

Stop thinking about anything that makes you unhappy and closes your valve.
No matter how many people love you, no matter how much you give to the poor, no matter how well you run your business, no matter how delightful and pleasant a person you truly are, if you have negative vibrations of any kind running, even in your manner of speech you are goig to attract some kind of bummer.

Stop thinking there is anything outside of you that is making - or can make - a difference.

It's all energy. It's all vibration stemming from how you are feeling. So write your new scripts, don't worry about the when's and how's, give up noticing it hasn't happened yet, get your eyes off the other guy's valve and find ways to open yours. Before you know it it won't matter what anyone else in your house or on the planet is doing, because you are no longer a responder; you are now an aware creator.

Have a very creative, inspiring and uplifting day!


Anonymous said...

"Forgiveness is a releasing of our resistance to positive energy, not the person we are forgiving."

This is my mantra for today! Thanks! :-)

Big Hugs!

fatma said...

Thank you for posting this. I read the book a while ago and loved it. The words and your pictures keep me buzzing. :)


aubergine2001 said...

Go start more riots, watch more dump fires, smoke more grass & sand to bury treasure in, visit more favourite street corners, laugh at life more, find more orifices to explore, boycott more ball games or plays, indulge in extravagant hobbies, be more spontaneous, shoot more golfers, listen to obscure music, find more people to skinny dip with, smile more, have more fun and let your brother know what is going on with his video camera. Cyan

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Connie..yes, forgiveness is an interesting thing. ad if we say we are forgiving someone we usually aren't quite, really..because we are still holding it somewhat..its still there..the best forgiveness is to just let it go.. get over it & forget it like it ever happened.Thats true forgiveness..not an issue at all.
Just another thought.
(& she talks about this was so good!) Hugs back!!

Thanks Fatma! I am so enjoying your blog also! Much love!! x

& Cyan.. lol, wow brothers! well, brother..I only have one. So happy the videocamera is now mine! : )
& one day soon I will learn how to edit.. or find someone to edit for me! Your comment was the first one that made me kind of sad..but I got over it quickly enough.. and realized thats just you & I love you very much! Wishing you a wonderful upward curve in this beautiful journey through life. ..with whatever pair of glasses you are wearing. Big,Big Hugs!!! xo

Sprinkles said...

Amen! & Thanks for That!
Love to you..

Keiko Ti said...

; ) Thanks Sprinkles.. Love to you back (& let me know if you find a good source for the oils. Hugs!)