Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bartering - Cuban Fusion-Latin Heat, New Improved Superfood Squares and the Sunny Raw recipe index

Bartering is great.. I am trading over facebook-music for my newest superfood square recipe- They are going over so well.. I am buying maca, lacuma etc by the kilo. But careful, these are really powerful!

(I sharing both sides of my great trade-off with you!)

"..hey cool ! there is a compilation of rare cuban fusion salsa , funk , soul called "si para usted " aswell as "Panama" another compilation of 70's Latin heat ! start with panama! as the cuban one is wild and super eclectic like the psychedellic road trip you got and the Panama! is done by the same record label "soundway " that put out the orlando julius that you love :) also really fun and on the same label is Geraldo Pino "Lets have a party"

New Improved Superfood Squares


1 c ground cacao
2 c goji berries (soaked 1 hour with water just covering.)
1 c hempseeds
1 c lacuma powder
1 c maca
½ c mesquite
½ c rice bran (tocotrienols)
¼ c camu-camu
2 T slippery elmpowder
1 T siberian ginseng
1 T cinnamon
1 T reishi mushroom powder
1 t schizandra berry
1 t Fo-Ti
2 t vanilla
½ t Celtic salt & cayenne

Blend 1 c gojis and soak waterwith rest of ingredients. When well blended add rest of gojis and pulse blend in.


1 c hemp seeds
1 c cacao powder
¼ c cacao butter- melted
½ c lacuma
½ c agave
1 t vanilla
½ t cinnamon
dash salt

Enjoy-these will lead you into those bliss feelings but be careful of doing too much or you may get really tingly.


& Bonus - Here is a link to the Sunny Raw Kitchen's recipe index- there are some great recipes here!!

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