Sunday, October 28, 2007

The best life ever!

A friend of mine said to me yesterday "I want your life.. You have the Best life ever!"

Now, I have suspected this for quite sometime.. every few months I get someone telling me this. And its true..I really do have the best life ever!

I am not sure why...and I am - right now - going to try to figure it out & share the secret.

I suspect that some of the reasons are:
- that I love life.
- that I live close to and honour nature. (as much as possible, living in the city)
- eating raw is a HUGE part! & I believe it enables and accentuates all other reasons.
- I care deeply about things and always try to make myself and everyone around me happy.
- I consciously seek out ways to raise my vibration and feel 'divinely blissful' as much as possible. (things like eating divine high-vibe, super-high foods like raw choc truffles, maca, gogis.. , essential oils - rose oil!, listening to and replaying words that make me happy, listening to great music, refeeling the greatest feelings...)
- I send out thoughts of love- to everyone. (and I think they come back multiplied.)
- I live in an inner abundance of love, which is overflowing. its hard not to attract love and abundance back. Whether I have money or not is inconsequential because my soul, my very inner being, is rich beyond measure...and because of this its impossible not to attract physical prosperity, or whatever makes me happy, into my life.
- I strive to be conscious and conscientious.
- I look for and accept opportunities to make myself (& others around me) happier.
... and Always say YES to life!

ps. This is my home.
( night we take the bridge in. ; )

ps. a sunday tea review sent to me..(that I just have to save!)

A Cacao-nivore comes to Keiko's for Tea

On a densely clouded afternoon recently, I responded to an impromptu run-on invitation to tea from Ms. Rawket herself, who had had to send the one-word message because of fluff in her space bar. Mercury does retrograde. By the time I arrived, it was sprinkling out, so I knocked and entered alongside of Zoe, her black nebula-cat. Keiko Cacao Ti stood there before me in her kitchen, surrounded by pineapples and plums, with pale eyes and naked laugh-lines (pre-make-up), shower-fresh in a plaid-ish blue-and avocado ensemble. She was dancing to an exotic compilation of gypsy and jungle music from Small World Music. We love listening to music together, and we can explain and teach madly about it as we vent social whimsies and invent recipes, which is how we do the talk thing. Today's formula for chat was chia tea with agave, macadamia-nut milk and ground cinnamon. She made it while creating her daughter Kaiya's lunch, and keeping up a running string of questions about my week all the while. The space bar in our conversation was apparently broken too. We praised lazy Sundays, onions and hot music, caught up on recent parties and the latest dances, Hallowe'en plans, the joys of shopping with someone close and passionate about it, and then my friends from Outaways arrived, and I had to leave in a breeze of amazement, good wishes and run-on smiles. The sun was now blazing and birds and squirrel tails filled the air. This is the kind of thing ends up happening when computers get all dusty in our neighbourhood.


Mum said...

... and I was sure I was living the best life ever ! It must be in our genes !

I love you

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

: ) definitely!
I love you too!
Thank you for more than could ever tell you.

Lovingraw said...

If that is your home... I'm moving in! : )

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hey Phillip.. Oh, we have this amazing raw communal party thing going on over here.. what a place to live!! ..& of course you are invited!:)