Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crop Circles

I watched a movie last night - Star Dreams - about crop circles. It is sooo fascinating!
I am surprised I haven't looked more into this before.
(Oh, I have an interesting story.. but it's not mine so not sure if I should go into it.. but a friend of mine was actually approached (and actually touched!) by an Arcturian .. how cool is that! : ) I was thinking of that before.. like if an Arcturian would come up to me or anyone at the event ..I mean of you were an Arcturian and wanted to contact a human wouldn't you go to someone already who is interested and open to your presence??? ..But, however, if I actually am contacted I am not sure that I would tell you.. because you might think I was crazy. ...would you?)

& whats with that?

There are over 10,000 crop circles which have been reported since the 60s. (The 1st formation known occurred in England in 1647.)

They appear everywhere - in fields of snow, amidst crops, rice patties, fields of blossoming flowers.

They are like mandalas which have been used by many ancient cultures. ..& like answers and communication to our ancient mandalas and designs.
They are so intricate.. actually year by year they are getting more and more intricate and complicated in their designs.
Many have been man made - but it would be impossible for many of them to be.

The film showed a huge circle made in the ice in Northern North America somewhere.. it would be totally impossible to be man-made.. the ice was mostly unfrozen around it..

Bent unbendable plants. Some plants just should not be able to be bent, say some researchers. "Crop circle formations often appear in canola (oil seed rape) fields," says Joseph Mason. "This plant has a consistency like celery. If the stalk is bent more than about 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in a 'genuine' crop circle formation, the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees. No botanist or other scientist has been able to explain this, nor has it ever been duplicated by a human being." (from here.)

The circles dont destroy the crops they are made in.. usually the plants will grow again up and usually even slightly stronger than before..

There are so many fascinating features of the circles - plants having elongated nodes. the ground below seems dehydrated even after rains.. sometimes the plants are kind of woven together creating cool designs, sometimes the circles are made in accessible fields, sometimes not.. electronic equipment often fails in the circles, strange sounds (at 5mhz often are emitted from the circles for a few days after they are made, they often have 10x the radiation level of a normal field.

The circles contain highly intricate mathematical designs- euclidian geometry: "Hawkins found that he could use the principles of Euclidean geometry to prove four theorems derived from the relationships among the areas depicted in crop circles. He also discovered a fifth, more general theorem, from which he could derive the other four. 'This theorem involves concentric circles which touch the sides of a triangle, and as the [triangle] changes shape, it generates the special crop-circle geometries,' he says. Hawkins could find no reference to such a theorem in the works of Euclid or in any other book that he consulted. In July 1995, however, 'the crop-circle makers... showed knowledge of this fifth theorem.'"

Crop circles are encoded with diatonic rations - how notes in music relate to each other..
Oh so many interesting things.. and I have to go to work.. sacred geometry - & Orbs, I didn't even mention orbs.. They're really fascinating also.. and crop circles are usually filled with these energy balls... yikes times up.

Have a spectacular, mysterious and wonder~ful day!!! = )

& ps Ill get back to more raw content soon! - promise!

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