Monday, October 15, 2007

Keys of the Arcturians

Wow! This computer is doing wacky things this morning.. its telling me what to do so I am just going with it.. & if this blog post seems kind of strange.. its not my fault - or the Arcturians (?) but this wacky acting computer of mine.. k?

So, The Arcturian event yesterday was great!! I am trying to decide how to describe it.. in one word: Trippy .. I was thinking Spacey, but thats too obvious and not quite right, it was more real, although in a surreal way, than that. ..It was like really good drugs without the drugs. : )

It was fun. Empowering. Positive. ..even emotional.
I wish I could give everyone a sampler activation.. you stare at a hologram up on the screen (big screen - at the Bloor Cinema) and stare at the center and then it starts changing ..colors, designs etc.. but we are told just to keep looking at the center. It acts on our subconscious. I actually felt teary at a couple of them.. There were 7 activations.. but I am sure we went through all the holograms at somepoint.

There was a 4 part presentation in between and in conjunction to these:
Part 1 asks us - Who we are? Where we are? Where do we want to go? and How we will get there?

Part 2 is about Recognizing who we are, Facing ourselves and about the fears of acknowledging who we are.

Part 3 helps us to recognize our programs. It asks us what we want to change in our lives and how we are want to change. It helps empty our hard drive.

Part 4 is a new segment. It is about 2012 ..and gives a beautiful scenario.. not one of destruction and the world ending, like i have heard so much ..but another scene of us moving from the 3rd dimension, via the fourth and into the 5th dimension.. which is full of love, bliss, peace.
This is 5 years away!!! wow.

Here are a few questions/excerpts from the 3rd part.. from memory & written.. this is the only time I had a pen in hand.

If you decide to stay, there is no way back.

What would you like to change?
How do you want to change?
What are you focusing on?

How does the media
.. your environment
..your relationships affect you?

What do you still want to experience?
What do you still need?
What do you still want to hear?

You already know it All.
- You just need to look inside and Remember.

Its a choice - Repetition.. following.. dependence.. or remembering.

Do you think that you are not capable?
Do you think that you are not ready to do something?

Do you want to take the long way? ..or the short way?
Its your choice.

What influences your choice?
Do you want to repeat everything?

Which programs influence you?
..convictions? ...fear? ...prejudice? ..karma?

Are you influenced by old programs?
..that serve no purpose?
..that stop your growth?
.. because it feels familiar? ..feels safe?
Let go of the past.

Dare to take a closer look.
Recognize your programs.

What are your programs and those that someone projects onto you?

We pick up programs from our environment.
You influence others with the programs that you have in you.

To be fully balanced we need to go back to our most basic program.
Then follow our right path from this starting point.

Activation - Blueprint (this one cleanses programs - cleanses whatever no longer serves you and serves a purpose.)

Where am I? Where do I want to go? (to the beach! ; ) lol)

Activation Empowerment

Actually I am not heading to the beach but off to meet Noah at Long & McQuade - returning stuff from the presentation and then we are heading to the Cacao loft - I need to pick up supplies .. ran out of superfood squares yesterday.. We lived on those & raw truffles yesterday.. it was so great! We were so high!

Oh & the deprogramming and activations are still affecting us for about a month or so I hear.. kind of like that ayahuasca trip! if Im a little out of it for awhile.. I have a great excuse!!!
Alien activations - and they kept saying Thank you for your Surrender & Trust.
(wide-eyed - umm, yeah, ok.. I feel for it.. but..
Glad I at least have you guys out there watching my back.. just in case. LOL)
~Hugs~ Have a beautiful day!!!

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