Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sweet and Sour Neat Balls and other recipes

Lets have dinner here tonight!

I am posting a recipe today - Sweet and Sour Neat Balls by Emily Lee Angell from The Complete Book of Raw Rood. (This one is esp for Tracy! )

I was just googling Emily to see if I could find her to ask if it was ok to post it ..but I cant find a way to contact her online. (Emily, whereever you are.. I hope you don't mind - You're recipes are great! : )

I did find a great other great collection of recipes and an interesting site at LivingMom.net I scanned through most of the recipes.. I have a knack for telling right away if a recipe is going to be good or not & I think most of these seem like really great ones.

Hummus, Apple crisp, Sunflower seed sour cream, Salsa, Bean dip, Enchilada sauce, Corn chips, Stuffed peppers, Wraps, Thai coleslaw, Lime pie, Pizza Rolls, Guacamole, Lots of salads and Dressings, Onion Bread, Fajita wraps with smoked jalapeno cheese, Tomato soup, Burritos, Sun garden burgers, soo many desserts: Roofes peanut butter cups, Apple pie, Cacao butter balls - hey, whipped cream to go with our pumpkin pie! and so much more - crackers, granola, pates, ..more desserts!
..another recipe of Emilys for her 'Just Like Cheezecake' Mmmm.. love raw cheezecake!

wow, ok.. back to the neat-balls.. these are so good!

Sweet and Sour Neat Balls

the Neat Balls

1 c walnuts
1 c sunflower seeds - soaked overnight
1 c almonds - soaked overnight
1 T garlic - chopped
1 c cilantro leaves
1/4 c olive oil
1 t Celtic salt
1 T nama shoyu (or tamari)
1 bunch green onions
2 T ginger - grated
1 c red pepper - finely chopped
1 t 5 spice powder

Sweet and Sour Sauce

2 large or 2 c tomatoes
1 c sun-dried tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1" ginger - grated
1/4 c apple cider vinegar
1/2 c dates or honey
1 T olive oil
1 t Celtic salt


for Neat Balls: Process nuts and garlic through juicer with blank screen. Add the rest of ingredients to this in a bowl. Mix well. Adjust seasonings. Dehydrate balls 2-3 hours until set.
Then dip balls in sweet and sour sauce and dehydrate again until dry on the outside and wet on the inside - about 2-3 hours more.
Serve with extra sauce on the side.

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