Thursday, October 25, 2007

5th dimensional thought - 2012

Lots of theories and ideas I had in my head from a variety of sources all kind of clicked together and made sense recently. It was like the Arcturians presented a crucial piece to the puzzle when they said that in 2012 we are going into the 5th dimension.

I'm sure most people have read something about the end of the earth in 2012. I read a book, The Mayan Prophesies 5- 7 years ago. It gave the exact date (it was in Nov or Dec, forget exactly - although you would think thats a date I would remember! ) The Mayan calendar actually stops then. Thats it.. no more! Many, many of the ancient civilizations have had similar beliefs, the Incas, Aztecs etc

Also in 2000 we are shifting from a male dominated action-oriented logical energy into a more female intuitive feeling energy. Most people did not recognize the big major breakdown - blackout - all the computers stopping - kind of dramatic thing some were expecting.. and the subtle changes went for the most part unnoticed. But look around now.. there apparently has been a shift.. everyone is meditating, doing yoga, ..Oh, look at the movie & book The Secret and all the works done on the Power of Attraction which have been popping up everywhere recently. Its because we can think things into existence more & more all the time. The shift and transition is taking place rapidly now.. its 5 years until 2012.

..and as far as raw foods and a whole getting back to nature.. well, this raises our vibrations, which not only makes people more attracted to us but also draws our thoughts to us more quickly as well.. in a concrete form. Its really very cool!

so thats my big quick thought for the morning.. so many things going on.. g2run..
Think amazing thoughts. Thoughts are things!
Make for yourself a most beautiful day!! ~~Spread the love~~~

oh, did I tell you that at one point on my ayahuasca trip, that everyone had a goldish shimmmery gassamer light around them.. it was the most beautiful magical and real thing ever.. everyone was angelic .. and I knew it was real even when I couldn't see it this way.
Every woman is a Goddess.
Every man is a God.
Every one!


Paul said...

A new old song for you :
( Fifth Dimension ) The Byrds
Oh how is it
That I could come out to you
And be still floatin'
And never hit bottom
But keep falling through
Just relaxed and paying attention

All my two-dimensional
Boundaries were gone
I had lost to them badly
I saw that world crumble
And thought I was dead
But I found my senses still working

And as I continued
To drop through the hole
I found all surrounding
To show me that joy innocently is

Just be quiet and feel it around you

And I opened my heart
To the whole universe
And I found it was loving
And I saw the great blunder
My teachers had made
Scientific delerium madness

I will keep falling as long as I live
Ah, without ending
And I will remember
The place that is now
That has ended
Before the beginning

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the paradigm change. It is hard to stay focused sometimes, through all the gloom and doom we see and hear daily. I just try to see it as the last gasp of a dying culture, with a shiny new world ahead. 2012 sounds great, just 5 more years! woo-hoo!


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Paul.. you are always a huge inspiration to me.
Yes, Connie.. its going to be great.. and it's great right now. I find these times we are living in and this whole transition we are going through to be very exciting as well.
Enjoy everything, all the time, right now.
So much love and appreciation for you!! xo