Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink Sparkly Notes and Random Circles

Notes and thoughts from the pink sparkly flower files - many things people told me, things to look up and into.. leads- I run into some very interesting people!

That which you posess also posesses you.

Venus --->

Les yeux parlent toutes la meme langue.

Sarah Taveres - Cape Verde (music)

Stuart Wilde - urban mystic and visionary

Dr Fred Bell - eclectic eccentric- naturopath, scientist, environmentalist, political activist. Inventor of nuclear receptor and the Andromedan holographic projector (allows you to manipulate time and space conditions- cool!)

The Holographic Universe - every point in the universe contains the seed of every other point. (Everything is everything)

Inter-dimensional experiences
Peyote= Grandfather medicine
Ayahuasca =Grandmother medicine

4 Vedas
Translators: Devi Chand - Ralph Griffin - translates Indian Gods into activities.
order books from the Blue Dove Foundation

from the Khandogya Upanishad - 7th prapathaka:
"..the Rig-veda, Sir, the Yagur-veda, the Sama-veda, as the fourth the Atharvana, as the fifth the Itihasa-purana (the Bharata); the Veda of the Vedas (grammar); the Pitrya (the rules for the sacrifices for the ancestors); the Rasi (the science of numbers); the Daiva (the science of portents); the Nidhi (the science of time); the Vakovikya (logic); the Ekayana (ethics); the Devavidya (etymology); the Brahma-vidya (pronunciation, siksha, ceremonial, kalpa, prosody, khandas); the Bhuta-vidya (the science of demons); the Kshatra-vidya (the science of weapons); the Nakshatra-vidya (astronomy); the Sarpa and Devagana-vidya (the science of serpents or poisons, and the sciences of the genii, such as the making of perfumes, dancing, singing, playing, and other fine arts). All this I know, Sir."

Adyashanti - shop - podcasts- Spanish
..or google notes in Spanish

oh, careful ..salvia and the sacred spot

Jean Vanier - Becoming Human


paisley - angels sperm (interesting how you get an image or words and they change your perception- once you are aware, you can't go back)

garlic & onion - create excitement- sexual energy. Many spiritual people do not eat these - (hare krishnas) - can't concentrate to meditate.

Ammachi - The hugging saint

Belvaspata - a healing modality for the new frequencies in the cosmos which changed Aug 06.
Creating health, joy and happiness through the heart.

Blunt FM - Truth Radio

Only God Heals - Bryan Farnum

cockroaches have brains in their feet.
Humans can take 70 units of radiation.
Cockroaches can take 1800 units - they can survive an atomic blast. (Luke told me)

Dan Millman - The Life you were Born to Live

Book on Numerology - Linda explained how it worked - showed how it could tell your life challenges and life purpose.
Really interesting..seemed very On.

reminder to read (which I am doing right now.. bedtime reading & then I'm off..) - The History of the Urantia Papers - Urantia - part 2 - #47 -the Seven Mansion Worlds and # 48 - Morontia Life

The 28 statements of human philosophy is is #8:
8. Effort does not always produce joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent effort.

Sweet Dreams!

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