Thursday, November 01, 2007

Raw Halloween Love

How can it be that I have not tried physalis (gooseberries) before yesterday?
I received this very special Halloween treat delivered to work.. and they are the most amazing thing.. the perfect raw Halloween treat! I am finishing them off for breakfast, right now.

Sofia brought me a special treat also.. 'Coconut D'lights' .. she processed together coconut meat with tahini, maple syrup, cacao, gojis, and a bit of lemon rind. D'lishious!

I also did eat a lot of chocolate! Xocai (mostly raw) chocolate, Fred's most special decadent dreamy truffles, hot chocolate ..and of course my beloved Chocosol treats.

I feel so overwhelmingly blessed.. My Halloween treats were soo delicious and special. They not only taste amazing but are totally healthy ... but the real beauty here with them, the real depth of their being, is that they are made and selected carefully with love.. they are more thought out.. there is a depth to them that goes even beyond the intact enzymes, high nutrient level and their natural life force energy.. there is an energy of love that comes wrapped up with each one.

Raw is Love!


Cÿan said...

I bought some in Halifax a month or 2 ago. Kind of sour / tangy ... I really liked them, but hey kiwis are just gooseberries with high-end marketing.

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

I thought they tasted amazing!
kiwis are gooseberries? really? Not that I doubt you I know you were really into growing various kiwis.. just very interesting.
kiwis are berries? are gooseberries berries?

Cÿan said...

Kiwis were called Chinese gooseberries, but (because of the skin?) they were not very sellable, hence the name change. I am not sure what makes a berry different from a fruit. Gooseberries have there seeds inside so defiantly a fruit, not sure if a berry also?