Thursday, November 08, 2007

Visionary thinking

Wow! The busiest morning ever.. drove Kaiya to volleyball practice.. & you should have seen the temporary mess I created in the kitchen ..but its almost all cleaned up now - superfood square experimentation- fun! I am so into these, we finished the last batch at work yesterday and I need more (es muy necesario) and tonight we have April Star giving an Alissa Cohen raw workshop at work.. I will be getting home late so I have to make them now!
(Ok,I am ready to admit it, I AM a raw chocolate addict- it may have happened when I changed my middle name to Cacao - changing middle names is serious business.)

& now because I didn't leave much time..heres my 1 main thought for the day:

Right now just assuming that a female energy is moving in, changing the planetary energy, and because of this we can create solely by thinking things.. & I mean that it doesn't even have to be balanced by male action energy.. things will just be done by thought. doesn't matter any more, social position, etc can be who you want, go anywhere you want to go, do what you want.. then what are you going to do?
This is usually the biggest problem...deciding what it is we want to do -coming up with the vision.

Just something I've been thinking about lately.


Connie said...

ahhhh! You have been crawling around inside my head again! I thought I felt you there! :)

The other day I was talking to someone about eating locally, each person producing their own food, which I felt was impossible, and an actual step backward, as opposed to creating a global food bank where all would share their bounty with other humans all over the world, which I thought made sense. Once we perfect our systems of energy, and eliminate all the plasctic crap and meat eating, such an energy expenditure would be feasible. We each disagreed, nicely, with the other. We were invested in our own idea. Each of us saw obvious holes in the other's dream.

Later,discussing the discussion with a third party, I realized I was not practicing ho'oponopono, not open to possiblity. I was wanting to unite all in a global consciouness, she was wanting to promote self sufficiency; worthwhile goals, seemingly at odds.

I saw her idea as, screw the rest of you, I live in the US and I've got mine. She saw mine as hippy dippy pie in the sky nonsense, laced with environmentally dangerous fuel usage.

During the second conversation, I said, "Wait a minute, what if you could create whatever food you wanted, with your mind, certainly local, right? The ultimate self sufficiency, environmentally sound way to feed the world. :) Then we could have whatever contact we wanted with anyone we wanted whenever we wanted, certainly global unity, right?" or, what if we no longer needed food, or.......

ahhh...leaving memory thinking behind and diving into warm blue pools of inspiration, ho'oponopono! :)

I love you.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Thank you!

Big Loves!!!

Connie said...

PS I asked the same question in this post:

Still trying to answer it!
Ho'oponopono,take me away! :)

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

ok, thats it I need to come to Florida so we can sit down to a cup of sun-herbal- tea together!

Love your thoughts, your energy, your inspiration! Hugs!!