Friday, November 30, 2007

Principle of Life Transformation & 50 Great Reasons to go Raw

Excerpt on "The Principle of Life Transformation" from The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe:

"The most interesting thing about life is that you can become more than you were before. You can become stronger, wiser, healthier than you ever dreamed possible. You can achieve your true potential. You can com­pletely reform your physical structure, your intelligence, your emotional poise, your spiritual power. This book is about how to biologically trans­mutate the lead of life into the white gold of glory.

The Principle of Life Transformation is that life change comes from the inside out. All transformation begins with one person - you. As above, so below. Everything happening around you is only a reflection of what is going on inside you. If you want the world to change, you have to change.

We are all personally responsible for the state of the entire world because the world only mirrors our inner selves. Pollution, famine, and disease are reflective of the inner crisis gripping us individually, and therefore collectively. These “realities” are fragments of our collective consciousness projected outward upon our environment."

& an article written by & found on Karen Knowler's website:

50 Great Reasons to Go Raw

Jumpingforjoy_1This list created by Karen Knowler and Sarah Best (of Get Fresh! magazine) from eavesdropping on our own conversations and those of others over the past few years...

I mean, could you get any more win-wins from your food?!

  1. “To have unlimited energy”
  2. “To increase my clarity”
  3. “To reach my natural weight”
  4. “To improve my memory”
  5. “To support farmers”
  6. “To have sharper concentration”
  7. “To conserve enzymes”
  8. “To raise my vibration”
  9. “To rejuvenate and reverse signs of aging”
  10. “For spiritual expansion”

And another 40 more...

  1. “To detoxify my body naturally”
  2. “To become more vibrant”
  3. “To re-create a clean shiny new me!”
  4. “To create a sense of balance”
  5. “To strengthen my immune system”
  6. “To reawaken my intuition”
  7. “To dramatically reduce my chance of disease”
  8. “I want to use raw eating as a tool to help me release negative emotions and blocks”
  9. “To extend my life span”
  10. “I’ve only been raw for a short while but for me it’s the biggest high ever!”
  11. “To function at my peak”
  12. “I want to reduce my food bills”
  13. “To balance my body’s temperature, regardless of external conditions”
  14. “I want to break my emotional attachments to foods”
  15. “To have eyes that sparkle”
  16. “I want to get back in touch with my body and myself”
  17. “To have clear skin”
  18. “I want to become more calm and collected”
  19. “To have young-looking skin”
  20. “It’s environmentally friendly”
  21. “To have shiny, glossy hair”
  22. “I’m a vegetarian/vegan and this is the next step”
  23. “To improve my eyesight”
  24. “I want to use less fossil fuel”
  25. “Because the food is delicious”
  26. “I want those insights people talk about”
  27. “I discovered the durian!”
  28. “Meal preparation is so easy”
  29. “I like to eat truly natural food”
  30. “It saves time”
  31. “I want to explore a world of taste I never knew existed before”
  32. “I want to meet like-minded people”
  33. “I love fruit!”
  34. “To lower my fuel bills!”
  35. “I love the beautiful colours of raw food”
  36. “It’s an exciting adventure”
  37. “I want to learn how to become hungry properly”
  38. “It will help me achieve my potential”
  39. “Because it will help me grow as a person as well as better my health”
  40. “Because I love myself”


Paul said...

A Milkweed

Anonymous as cherubs
Over the crib of God,
White seeds are floating
Out of my burst pod.
What power had I
Before I learned to yield?
Shatter me, great wind:
I shall possess the field.

This poem by Richard Wilbur sprang to mind as I looked at your dandelion and your goals. Release and prevail!

Dana said...

Oh! I love that list of raw qualities!


I found your blog because we shared some similar interests. Based on those interests, I thought you would like to know about my blog about women's health and fitness.

I update every weekday with healthy tips and tricks!

I hope to see you around the site soon!
Happy reading!

- Dana

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Paul..LOve the poem!! Thanks for posting it!

Hi Dana, nice to meet you!
Just checking out your site. I especially like your work-out/training posts!
Thanks, Keiko