Saturday, November 24, 2007

Something - on floating and cohesiveness

Ha, That pic is so random!! Blogging can be so much fun.
I had someone come into work today and told me he was going through blog withdrawal. "What's up? You can't do that! Just stop posting!! You have to come and say at least something.. like that you will be back soon.. technical difficulties or something"

So, this is my something. To be honest as much as I feel very definite about this being the right path, choice in life.. and really believe it is for all of my family.. I have to admit I am not as cohesive as I usually am. I am good, and clear..but thoughts just kind of float through me and nothing is sticking the way it usually does. A few times I thought of posting and then came here & nothing much came to mind. So I just didn't. That's life.

I am excited that I am moving back in home with my kids tomorrow. My husband is moving out.. so it will be really strange. He's really an amazing and wonderful person.. so I am hoping this all goes smoothly. In my heart I believe this is best for both of us. ..and the kids.

Now on the raw front. I missed an amazing Durian party last Sunday.. & those don't come around that often!! That was being hosted by Mark & Chantelle in Guelph of Living Nutrition
who are also hosting a raw potluck tomorrow.. which I will also be missing because I will be busy getting settled back in.

I missed David's talk in Georgetown also.. it did snow a lot. I left work intending to go, but then the subway closed down and I was 45 minutes late meeting my friend and it just seemed to slippery and icy. I got a bit of a synopsis of it at work from a friend ..but its just not the same as seeing him. I find his talks really fun - inspiring & motivational.

Oh, something exciting yesterday.. I got an e-mail from Katrina of Juice Feasting and am listed on day 60 of their 92 day program. ..& I am signed up for a 30 day membership. Something very positive to focus on when I get all set up again at home tomorrow. (& back into routine and posting regularly).

ok, so now I am off to go pack.. heading home early. Hugs & Love, Keiko


PhotoGuide said...

Good Luck and Peace!

Connie said...

Welcome Home!

Big Hugs!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thank You!! I appreciate the luck & hugs.. feel like I need it.. am overall feeling good but have wavering scared moments thrown in there also. ..almost unpacked. Hugs back! : )

Anonymous said...

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