Monday, November 26, 2007

Losing and finding things, transformation and peace and cycles and dreams

Ah, so home life has been busy. I still have a bag of books & cds to unpack..I got stuck going through my bookshelf.. and esp the box of photos and the basket that I just throw all the photos into that people give me. Oh, and I have this memory box that I have kept since I was about 10 years old with all the best stuff in it. I even have my first witchcraft book.. Barb & I were 11 or 12 and on a road trip with my parents and when dad filled up with gas we got to get one of those little Esso books for free.. so we picked Everyday Witchcraft and started putting spells on everyone.. we were collecting hair from boys and all kinds of fun and probably dangerous things.. lol Good thing I had my protective shield around me.. it was already in force then.

Things are changing around here. I am the only one raw ..although the kids may be slowly transforming or at least eating more raw. I steamed some broccoli, very, very lightly and then they tell me they only like it raw now. Cool.

btw, broccoli is great dipped in the kale-basil pesto I just made earlier this evening. It's such a great way to eat it!!

Oh, but the biggest and best change was that I finally got rid of the microwave.. I replaced it with a toaster oven, but hey, it's a start. Microwaves just seem really, really scary to me. I am so glad that's gone!

I went to Glory's yoga class this afternoon amidst all my shopping and cleaning. That was so wonderful. I have hardly been going to yoga lately and just realized how much I missed it. & Glory being the amazingly intuitive person she is had this really slow, relaxing, breath conscious class that just worked on many levels. It was so peaceful. I love yoga!
(Oh, and the steam room after!! )

wow.. it just occured to me how much I luxuriated amidst all the things I did. I just had the most amazing bath this evening with these incredible minerals my mom gave me that are just the best thing ever for your muscles.. so relaxing..I could just float away.. on a cloud..
ok,I'm getting sleepy..

The most inspiring thought and phrase that sticks with me came in an e-mail "The world is your oyster" Nice thought.. and repetitive.. been hearing that. Yes! (say yes to the Universe!)

Abraham Hicks today:

"Feel appreciation for those who provide examples of Well-being. How would you know that prosperity was possible if there wasn't some evidence of prosperity around you? It's all part of this contrast that helps you to sharpen your desire."

TUT.. Note from the Universe for today:

"The prospect of happiness that moves you in the direction of a new dream will always pale in comparison to the happiness you find once it comes true."

ok, it's late again..I'm yawning. It's time to close this little internet cafe I have running here down for the night. Sweet Dreams! & Hugs! g'night.

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