Friday, November 02, 2007

Awareness of our Planet .. of ourselves - Tippi

Our Planet

There is no up, no down.
In case we temporarily forget, it's actually a sphere floating in space.

Take another look.

Who are we?

Where are we?

What are we connected to?

What are we doing?

Where are we going?

What are we going to do?

Tippi - Bridging the gap to Africa - Trailer


100 percent said...

I read about your bartering for superfoods? Can I do this online with them.? I am trying to go raw on a budget. I lie in a small town I do a lot of shopping online. The nearest Whole Foods Market to me is about 3hrs away! If you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

100%, Bartering is just something I was thinking about.. it was actually an information exchange, my friend gave me titles of some great cds and I gave him a recipe for the superfood squares.- although I have traded/bartered lost of stuff for them, mainly chocolate,, cause I am a bit of a chocolate addict. I just formally realized this Sat morning but thats getting away from the point.. and actually what my friends and I do is not really bartering as much as it is sharing and just giving stuff away.. it's fun. You never know what you are going to get back, its like a continual pot-luck.

That however,is not helping you ..and I really appreciate that you are doing raw on a budget..which is totally doable.. it's just the gourmet and superfoods that are expensive.. and as frustrating as it can be to hear about them & not be indulging,you could do it in moderation. I actually personally feel like the more you continue raw & if you have a positive outlook, hard not to have when you are raw.. then the superfoods will just find you.
For now, please e-mail me personally & I am going to send you something..some of the superfood squares from my next batch & some of my favorite chocolate & other treats - a little care-love package. I love getting packages!
:) ttys! Hugs, my new raw friend!