Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Juice feasting - benefits and supplements

I have had the Juice Feasting website come to my attention a number of times recently and lately I have really had the urge to get into juicing more. So, this morning my intention is to get up a bit earlier(done), write a bit less and make a huge container of juice to bring with me to work. For now, I am just going to incorporate it into my diet.

Actually right now, while I type I am drinking a huge green smoothie (purple actually), made with: red chard, sunflower sprouts, spinach, banana, pineapple, pears and blueberries.
..& just in case anyone out there is reading this who hasn't tried one of these amazing drinks they taste fresh and fruity.. you don't taste the greens- really quite amazing.
..& they are one of the best ways to get to like the taste of green leafy veg's, it usually doesn't take long before the green content ratio goes up.

Juicing is one of the most amazing things you can do for your body. If you are not raw, it is one of the fastest ways to get the raw benefits. If you are raw, it is still cleansing and soo full of life force energy that you will radiate even brighter.

(ps- I just noticed that the list of raw benefits is only available at my flash site, not html- just click above)

One of my favorite pages from the Juice feasting website was the one on supplements and superfoods.
It's interesting the variety of supplements available to us. It can be confusing to know where to draw the line. Some supplements are pharmaceuticalized - so processed and so removed from nature ..and being taken to mask a healthy diet. Nothing made in a factory is going to replace an apple from the tree. Nothing - can't be done!

However if we are talking supplements like bee pollen, goji berries, blue-green algae, cacao, wild herbs etc.. well, these are straight from nature and a whole other entity of supplements from the factory.

But this is a huge topic..and I have juice to make!

Have a wonderful,wonderful, bright and juicy day!


fatma said...

The green juice bug is going around. My newsletter this month was on green juice and can be found at
Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

You will certainly be having a juicy day.


Raw Vegan Family said...

I have been hearing alot about juice feasting lately too. Have you heard about the global juice feast to be held in the spring? I need to learn more about it, but it might be fun for all of us to join in.

Happy Day!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Fatma..and yes,Connie - I heard a bit about it, someone at wrk mentioned it ..but haven't read anything about it yet - I will look it up &b get back to you.
I think it's a great idea!