Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspiration in 3's

1. from my new Facebook group- Inner Peace - 'Earth-Peace through Self-Peace' intro message:

remember that YOU have control over how you react and respond to ANYTHING that comes your way. ...

It's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped...

2-postcard from NYC:

"Once again New York proves to be electro-magical in theory and practice with costumed dogs, tubas, grand fabricated curvatures of landscapes and literature intersecting in brightness and focus of the absolute threshhold of everything.
Quintessences to you!"

3. Paragraph read at my meditation group last night from Star + Gate:Keys to the Kingdom by Richard H. Geer:

"One day, as I was walking through a doorway into a sunny afternoon, the world and time seemed to stop completely. In that one instant everything made perfect sense. In that moment I realized that everything I had seen or done or had experienced--all of it--Had been perfectly planned, choreographed and staged for me for my own growth. I had always had a choice in what happened, and yet every bit of my life had been for my benefit. A marvelous feeling of insight, of really "getting the point" about things, came over me. I had a grand sense of cooperation, whether I had been conscious of it or not, between the world at large and myself. Imagine! Each event, each experience, tailored just for me! And the same exquisite arrangement existed for everyone else, regardless of whether they knew it or not."

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