Monday, November 19, 2007

Raw Summit 2 - Rod Rotundi

Rod Rotundi is the founder of the Leaf Cuisine restaurants in California.
He has spent 15 years in the Middle East..was used to middle eastern cuisine. Then he found raw foods ..he felt he found the Food of the Gods. And he did.

He started in Boston, his parents were there. The day he got back into the US he found the location for his first restaurant. He opened Leaf Cuisine 3 years ago.
He serves wraps, salads, smoothies & juices.
Everything is certified organic, vegan and raw.

Smoothie recipe - nut milks are a great base. Take almonds or cashews, soak overnight, rinse in the morning then put in the blender with fresh water - 1 c nuts:6 c water add vanilla powder

Banana Blueberry Smoothie - nut milk, banana, blueberries and dates

Great to tell people to eat raw foods.. but where do people go to get it?
Society is not for healthy foods.
Leaf Cuisine is a fast service restaurant. Food is delivered within a few minutes. Portions are large.

Rod has made many types of cuisines Arabic, French, Indian etc.
Raw is by far the easiest cuisine to prepare. It is the most mundane, ordinary thing in the world to eat things from nature.. but we go into 7-11's, into convenience stores and look around and there is not one thing available from nature. Foods that human beings are meant to eat.
One of the fun of raw cuisine is translating foods from other cultures.

Rod is not 100% raw. Believes its important to enjoy your food. To try different things.
He eats predominately raw, but primarily all organic.. is organic first.

You come to realize that what you put in your mouth determines how you feel. It determines how long you are going to live your life. ..and how well you are going to live your life.
Raw cuisine is medicine for our bodies.

Rod is planning on starting up franchising soon. He is creating a lifestyle brand.
He is developing food products- dressings, dips, crackers.
He gives classes and plans on creating a raw food academy.

We are living in an exciting period of rapid change. There are so many options open to us.. so much available.

I am finding the Leaf cuisine website sooo inspiring. The food looks amazing!!! Check out the menu! .. ok, I'm hungry.. lets hop in the car & go for dinner. hmmm the Posche Cayenne or the Tesla Roadster? How many are coming? The Roadster really seems more appropriate, electric. ..but, the cayenne is a great road trip car! hmm..choices.
well, let's go!

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