Saturday, December 01, 2007

Random Highlights - goosefeet, CVO training, our Green Toast, wheatgrass, snow, Tao #54 and Peter Ragnar's Merrie Wabbit

Random facts, inspirations, thoughts and drinks for the day:

Quinoa is also sometimes called by it's common name: goosefoot.

Dancing to the new Soundtrack, just created for the DVD, based on the book.. (from which the now-famous series is created) , which was just inspired by Mi-San last night & danced to and energetically visualized by us this aft.. what the bleep where we on???

Our morning Green Toast to the day - 13 of us in a circle all giving thanks & cheers to things in our life and to things manifesting in our life and to dreams and adventure and love and as always ending with friendship, green prosperity, inner peace and world peace!

(13 green smoothies made by me with Love & sunflower sprouts, pea greens, banana, pineapple, apple & pear.)

I am on the wheatgrass again.. stayed away for a month or so ..sometimes it just gets to be too much! ..& when I start feeling nauseous from it I just stay away because then even the smell can give you that feeling & I'm around it a lot, I juice a lot of it at work. ..but I am trying to drink it more again. & today it was the best ever..someone asked me to juice it with ginger.. so I did & then made some more like that for Luke and I ,which we washed down with lemon water..had a real tequila feel to it.

Lemon water is just a pitcher of water with some lemon slices dropped in. This is great for adding life force energy back into water after it has been filtered. Any freshly cut fruit will do the same - also good are grapes, oranges or cucumber.

From the book SEX from the Kaballah Center - clearing energies by rolling naked in the snow - details to follow...

Christine left her Tao book with me & I just opened it up to see what passage I would open it to & it was one of my favorite ones! (translated by Wu - complete book here)


What is well planted can not be uprooted.
What is well embraced can not slip away.
Your descendants will carry on the ancestral sacrifice for generations without end.

Cultivate virtue in your own person,
And it becomes a genuine part of you.
Cultivate it in your family,
And it will abide.
Cultivate it in the community,
And it will live and grow.
Cultivate it in the state,
And it will flourish abundantly.
Cultivate it in the world,
And it will become universal.

Hence, a person must be judged as a person;
A family as a family;
A community as a community;
A state as a state;
The world as the world.

How do you know about the world?
By what is within me.

Article on Peter Ragnar, modern-day shaman, Taoist wizard, natural life scientist, self-master, claivoyant, healer, developer of 'Magnetic Qi Gong' (which he claims is the key to immortality) and raw foodist.
I was intrigued and downloaded his free e-book "How anybody can build muscle on a raw food diet" Reading his diet which includes 2 glasses of red wine..However, sometimes he has his favorite drink instead in the evenings - "The Merrie Wabbit" which is a combo of carrot, beet and tomato juiced in a juicer with horseradish, garlic, cayenne, half a lemon and half a lime. He adds a dash of vodka for his enjoyment (which he says you may want to leave out) and then sprinkles dried onion and parsley on top.
ok, this reminds me of a drink I used to drink.. I think I'm going to have to try this one out!

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