Friday, December 07, 2007

Ho'oponopono & The Easiest Way by Mabel Katz

I have been practising Ho'oponopono a lot these past few days. It is the most phenomenal techniques to send out love and ease to people who are stressed.. although in the process you are not healing them, you are healing yourself. The basis of ho'oponoponois that if there is a problem out there, anything that you are conscious of, everything from a lover or child upset or angry to George Bush or wars, political issues, you name it, no matter how removed they seemingly are from you.. it is all coming from within you.. and by healing the part of yourself that is conscious of this struggle or anything that is negative it heals it not only in you but out-there as well. It erases the programs.

We all have programs running all the time.We don't realize it usually but they are running 24/7 a looped tape. Dr Len (Zero Limits) talks about it and so does Echart Tolle, authot of one of the best books ever! - Power of Now & also A New Earth. So the idea is to erase the negative tapes that we have playing..and when we erase the tapes within ourselves, we erase them in others.. and it is all done by taking complete responsibility for everything going on (even out-there) and asking for forgiveness and expressing gratitude.

It is the simplest thing ever & the most complex thing ever also. The simplest things always are. Most people can not even deal with simplicity it is so deep and powerful.. it is real. The truths are all hidden in simplicity (right in front of our faces - thats the hardest place to find something).

My favorite part of Mabels book is the last chapter.. this paragraph is from the last chapter (p. 85) just before she summarizes and explains the freeing process of Ho'oponopono:

"Then I tell myself "I am creating this. They are my thoughts of the other person. It is a product of my own programming, my recordings, my perception. I can erase it." This simple process gives me a peace that I can't describe with words. Why? Because I don't stay trapped in thoughts like, "How could he say that to me? How could she do that to me?" I don't expect the other person to change, react in a specific way or do something specific. What a relief! I don't depend on anyone outside of myself. I don't expect myself to be perfect or to please the whole world. I don't need to convince anyone of my point of view. I learned to respect and understand that we all have free will and not allof us choose the same things. This reality brings me a lot of inner peace. There is no problem. Good and bad are parameters that we create in our minds. As long as we love ourselves and take care of ourselves,we will love and take care of others as well."

Bonus: This is a link to a 6 minute interview of Eckhart Tolle by Oprah that I listened to recently. I love anything Tolle!

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Moria`s Readings said...

Thank you for this, I have just read Zero Limits but was thinking of ordering The Easiest Way as well, and you just convinced me to do that.

Moria x