Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chocolate journey

These first 2 pics are what I first saw walking in the cacao loft early Tues morning. I was on the chocolate appreticeship program. I was learning/working/bartering for cacao.
I loved their to do list!

Pre- chocolate explosion. Matthieu said after my first 4-5 samples of chocolate that I was going on a chocolate journey today! He was right. We drank it, we ate it, I sampled cacao beans all day. ( Fred even showed up with new samples) Mathieu had just spent 16 or so hours the day before experimenting and producing some amazing flavours and chocolate creations. Including his special Lavender Cardamom Winter Solstice drink ..Amazing!!!

This was fun! really, really good messy! ..& a good workout too!

You are not hearing the great music in the background.. You have to have great music on to make chocolate and you have to be happy. It's a requirement. I remember a long time ago when Chocosol first started working out of the 720 location (Toronto Sprouts) and Sawako came in to work and she was sad. Michael made her go away to go relax & chill until she could come back happy ..and later he started singing and dancing with her & when she was happy and smiling again she was allowed to come make chocolate! They have important work ethics and priorities!

Sacred chocolate buildings, fun! Choclate alchemy..

Chocolate hardening in molds - Mathieu's Lemurian crystal. Good energy chocolate!!

This was Grahams last week working at the Cacao Loft. It was great we got to work together before he left.. we are both going through a lot of transitions in life!

Love you Graham, my special friend!! The world will be a brighter place wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Lucky Girl! Happy Holiday!

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok< I think you have my dream job.. I am so jealous.. and very happy for you!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Connie - Happy Holidays to you also! xo
Debbie - Love your name!!! lol Great to meet you, just checked out your wonderful blog also. Well, you will have to make a trip to Toronto & come meet the chocosol crew! : )
Best wishes & Happy Holidays!!