Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another day flowing ...inspirational agreements and chocolate

I love this animation my friend sent to me yesterday!
(I would love to give credit but don't know the artist - if you do please let me know to contact them!)
(Afternote: Thank you, just got an e-mail - the amazing artist is Jody Hewgill - click link to go to her site!)

Just a quick post. I am lying in my bed, awake since 5am, and watching inspirational channeled videos on YouTube, a few from Story Waters and there is one I loved but the url is not available to embed in here, the link to it is here. It's Esther Hicks/Abraham- On Relationships and Agreements.
So many transitions going on in my life, as you know. ..& it is snowballing. But I will talk more about that when decisions get finalized and things are more thought out.
It is a deep wish of mine that Christmas turns out well for all of us and that everyone is happy.

Today I am going to Chocosol to work, I think of it as an apprenticeship and barter for Cacao. Yay! I have worked very closely with Chocosol but haven't actually made chocolate, this should be fun.
Have a wonderful day!! xo - Love!

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