Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kelp forest under the ocean - Kelp chips, salty & mineral rich!

I was thinking about how I was slacking with my diet a bit lately and decided I need to make a more concerted effort to stick with eating raw through this. It can be hard at work because I often feel like I am the center of the support system there. People come in to see and be motivated by me. Sadly, our cafe is getting more & more cooked food (out of my control) ..& it's easier to slack now there. It occurred to me yesterday that the problem was more I wasn't thinking about food as much, just wanted to grab what was easy..too many other things on my mind.. and we know how easy conventional food is, its everywhere.

So I guess the solution is to just be more focused and not let myself slide..and stay around moreof my positive and when possible, raw friends. It was great yesterday I had quite a few comevisit..and bring food. Jesica brought her new dessert creation - cherry vanilla cheezecake with candied pecan crust. Amazing! & Fred came in with truffles (Thank God - I was getting dangerously low - am well stocked up now!) but he brought the most amazing thing.. he was telling me about this earlier but just brought it for me to try.

Kelp flakes form the Pacific ocean.Ok, this may not sound amazing..but really it is.I had it in my head that I didn't really like kelp.. yet, knew there were minerals in there that I really needed. I am slightly mineral deficient (not even remotely close to when I was on cookedfood though!) - everyone is.. really.That is the hugest problem with our diets - none of us have the minerals that we need. They are so hard to get, the soil is so depleted.. the ocean is really where we can get our nutrients from. Sea vegetables are one of the most amazing, mineral rich things you can put into your body.

So, Fred told me before that he eats this dried kelp like chips and I wanted to try it.. still thinking I probably wouldn't like it..and ykw? He is right, it's true. This stuff is amazing..I can just sit & eat it like chips- totally amazing!!! I am not even really big on the flavorof sea vegetables..but this stuff tastes great! I will find out where to get it from & let you know later.

Picture above of an underwater kelp forest from Skips site -He takes amazing underwater photos!
& checkout this video, theres a whole amazing world going on down there!

HD Underwater -Phillipines

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