Sunday, December 16, 2007

Escaping the Storm for the Beach

Just in.. Christmas shopping at the Eaton's Center all afternoon.. in a major snowstorm. Ok, Now Christmas is starting. TTC was even down and I followed a TTC friend of mine on a multitude of buses to get home, arms full of presents. & Now I am going to get into warm comfy clothes (or a bikini?) and get dinner- Big Salad- I am so on the raw program again.. saw my wayward ways and decided to get back - full on raw again! Life lately may be emotional.. but I have a lot of support & am dedicated to getting through this staying raw (or at least trying my hardest!)

So now, while I eat my salad, I am going to take a little walk on the beach. I have been on this beach a few times before - sunny warm.. shaking ff the cold & mountains of snow going on out there - Major storm, they say the worse one in 3 years! So a nice warm beach break before tea, and maybe chocolate truffles, and a whole lot of wrapping presents. They need to get shipped asap to the east coast.. this is a big part of my Christmas.

The Beach- Mayan Riviera

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