Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enlightenment and Freedom - - Lee Harris and Story Waters

Channeler Lee Harris speaks on Enlightenment and Awakening

I have been listening to a cd made from a free download from this page - it is very interesting and I will post more from it later.. perhaps post its key concepts tomorrow. The download is called
'You have Arrived. The Time is Now." This channel/talk by Story Waters was recorded in Brighton on the 11th of August 2007 at a Conscious Creation Seminar. Though it contains useful information for all, it speaks directly to those on the path of spiritual awakening who have been feeling, and anticipating, the dawn of a shift for sometime. The wait is over!

The Meaning of Life in 700 Words - Story Waters

Limitlessness Key Concepts

You are the sovereign creator of your personal reality. You are a divine expression of All That Is. You are the creator in an individualized exploration of self-created beingness. There is no expression of beingness that you cannot choose to be. We are each the potential of all creation exploring itself.

You are infinitely free in your beingness. The realization of limitlessness is to step fully into your Self – the infinitely free power of creation. You do however create within the limits of your chosen beliefs. All perceived limits to what you can do are reflections of ways in which you are holding limiting beliefs about what you are.

You are completely responsible for your own experience. Though you may co-create with many other beings all co-creation is a choice. Your reality is always reflecting your current choice of beingness to you. You are That Which Chooses. All ideas of blaming ‘ other' for your current reality is a way in which you are in denial of your own creatorship. Any pain that you feel is a reflection of a way in which you are in separation from an aspect of All That You Are.

Human life is an incredible choice you are willingly making. You chose to enter embodiment in this physical-temporal reality due to the unique and amazing way in which beingness is experienced and explored here. The duality of this reality affords the most vibrant experiences known: the potential for incredible love and joy are as available as pain and suffering. You are choosing to be here to explore this amazing territory of beingness. When you embrace, rather than reject, your humanity, you will integrate the limitless freedom of your Divine Self with the unique diversity of your Human Self.

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