Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Staying raw through stress and transition periods

(what? It's not my birthday every day of the year?? Hey, Change your name, change your birthday.. whats the difference, we can do anything, right?? sure! lol, Thank you, Pat! )

Good Morning!
As many of you know, some big transition has been going on in my life. I am in the process of a separation with my husband. Well, no we have separated, we are just going through the after effects of it and getting our lives back into balance takes some time.

It is affecting me with my diet. As many of you know, cooked food blocks feelings. When you are raw you just feel everything, it is a much more connected way of being, you are much closer to nature and feelings just flow through you. It's good because everything also gets released. Think small child, baby even, they get upset and they cry, they feel and react.. it's something the same, except we have the maturity to not just cry anywhere. But you feel things deeply.. so many people in times of stress go back to cooked food. It's just easier. & I find myself drawn to it sometimes. So, I am being very conscious about it.. and yes, I have had a few, very small, bowls of soup and things like that.. still nothing like bread, I haven't had or even tasted bread in almost 3 years. I don't miss it.. I kind of did at first a bit, but I felt so amazing being raw and just got my mind onto better things.

I find I am eating more dense foods lately, that helps to ground me: nuts, our Earth bread (imho & from what I've heard - the most amazing raw bread ever!), and coconut ..I am living on young Thai coconuts lately ..have my fridge here at home & at work well stocked with them. & to balance this I am drinking wheatgrass & E3Live. My diet is still mainly green smoothies and salads.. big sprout salad almost every day at work. ..& I am still about 90% raw, but one or two days I may have gone into the 80's.. but thats life. I am just so dedicated to the raw life.. and making a concerted effort to remain so, even through this transition. I know this is the time that many people slip.. and now I am seeing first hand why. I think it's easier to block feelings with food, but even though it's more of an effort, it's so much healthier in the long run to stay raw.

I have my green smoothie, purple actually -has blueberries (& lots of other fruit) and black kale in it - k, ready? glasses up.. Heres to a beautiful raw and conscious life through any and every journey!

ps. I'm doing a lot of ho'oponoponoing lately..and am seeing the results, such a powerful thing!
Click on the link above to read a great article which explains it by Dr Joe Vitale. It's amazing.. a must read if you haven't already! This article led me to buy Dr.Hew Len's book and now I am in the middle of read in another about it by Mabel Katz. It's just the most phenomenal, simplest thing ever..and I swear it works!
Thank You, I love you! : ) Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Sending a lot of raw love your way.
Thank you, I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy B'earth~day! How is the Katz book?

Big Loves!

Anonymous said...

Sending you strenth, wisdon, love and understanding.


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thank You x 3!!!
appreciate you all lots!
Connie, the Katz book is good..but not sure if you will get any more from it than from the zero limits book.. I have just picked it up again, will finish it tomorrow and give you a better review soon.

Neeta Bali said...


i really dig your blog and the pictures are awesome......
i'm new on this journey and I'm discovering what you say about feeling all emotions intensely....

All the best,

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Neeta,
Nice to meet you and all the best on your wonderful new journey!
Best to you also! Keiko