Saturday, December 08, 2007

Luke's Green Pate

This is Luke. So glad I remembered my camera!!! Luke is fun in the kitchen.. and we get along great- He says if I walk, he's walking too! lol (rawvolution?)

I have been really into Luke's Green Pate lately.. I eat it almost every day for lunch - put it extra thick on a slice of raw bread, cut in strips and pile broccoli sprouts on top.. I usually eat it with a huge sprout salad made with sunflower sprouts, pea greens, alfalfa, broccoli & ancient eastern blend (sprouted fenugreek, adzuki & lentils) all mixed together ..maybe tomato, red pepper, avocado, cucumber, whatever is around and our amazing Lemon-Ginger-Date Dressing.
Sprouts are a staple for me. Hey, I work at a sprout farm. ..but things are changing there also.
Lots of transitions going on!!!

But the good news is Luke is letting me post his pate recipe!
This stuff reminds me of a sandwich spread I used to eat when I was a kid.. I love it!

Luke's Green Pate

1 liter sunflower seeds “pre-soaked”
3 bunches of parsley “4c packed”
3 jalapeƱo peppers
2 onions
6 globs of olive oil “1/2c – 1cup”
3 globs of vinegar “1/4 cup”
5 garlic cloves “medium – large”
Salt “lots”
Pepper “some”
Cayenne “a bit”
Agave “a bit”
Lemon/lime juice “1 lemon or lime juiced, lime is best”
SOY “optional does not make it raw unless you use raw soy - nama shoyu”

First chop up the jalapenos, onions and garlic. De-stem the parsley all we want is the leaves, and soak the sunflower seeds if not all ready done they should soak about 4 hours or over night for best results. Juice the lemon/lime and put in a bowl.

Open the quiznart, add in the peppers, onions and garlic. Close the lid and hit on “2 min”

Reopen the quiznart and add in the oil and vinegar. Close the lid and hit pulse a couple of times to give the liquid momentum then hit on. or else the mixture will explode and over flow out the side depending on your model of mixer. “30 seconds”

Reopen the quiznart and add in the spices + lemon/lime juice and soy “if you want”. Please note a lot of salt is required.

Slowly add in parsley in the open hole at the top while unit is mixing. Must stress this part if you do not it will get to much at once and then it will not chop well, and the next step won’t work. Small hand fulls at a time small hand fulls or ½ cup measurements not packed.

Add in the sunflower seeds in this manner, get a large funnel or use your hands. And add about 1 tbsp every 1-2 seconds while the unit is mixing. If all added at same time it will over load and not mix. Some stirring may be required when this is mixing like to get parsley off of the sides or to turn sunflower seeds in. if you have used a quiznart before then you know what I am talking about.

Let blend for about 5 min and then put in a container and refrigerate. Lasts about a week. Use your instincts if it smells bad or looks extra funky then don’t eat it. (lol) Taste great on raw bread or as a base on a cracker sandwich platter.

Made By: Lucas Jagelewski

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