Monday, December 10, 2007

Pot Luck Pics

It was an incredible feast. Someone said to me "You couldn't go anywhere in the city to get food like this, at any cost." and it was so true, the meal was phenomenal.

Pot lucks are the best and quickest way to get introduced to raw food dishes, to get inspired and educated.

.. and the social aspect is great also. Meeting other like-minded people, seeing old friends and making new friends is always wonderful.

This is Fred. (although he's usually smiling : ) This man makes the most amazing raw truffles and chocolates in the whole wide world! They are a big part of my diet. He's into some seriously high vibe stuff!!!

My soul sister, Mi-San.

Justin, I'm really going to miss working with you (& everyone else there!).
ps - I'll explain tomorrow

Stephen, Garry & Sandra

Dale and I

Michelle, Matt and Anson

Me, Ruben and Stephen
(we are going partying after for Rubens birthday!)

Me, Michelle, James (Nujima) and Ruben
I am drinking the most delicious organic, fresh,local cherry-apple cider in the world!

Michelle was drawing this. I told her I would post is going to be so much fun. The DJ is incredible - he was playing at the Turning point - ballroom at the Gladstone, where we went after the pot luck. I definitely plan on going to the Winter Solstice Celebration!!

Party after the pot luck.

It was a wonderful night!

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