Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays! - Perceptions, Christmas Neatballs, and Jingle Ho'oponoponoing

This is the quote that has really been doing it for me lately-
"Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am making Neatballs, from a recipe I posted earlier, but I am putting in different herbs & spices this time .. sage-poultry seasoning type spices. I was thinking it will be good to have some filling food on hand here, just in case ..although most likely there will be so much food around.. there is always is such an abundance!

I have been doing a lot of Ho'oponoponoing lately.
In a newsletter from Mabel Katz, she mentioned doing it by saying I love you over & over to the tune of Jingle Bells - it works. It's funny but it is catchy

she says:
"SO, when you find yourself stuck in traffic or late for an appointment, or with too many gifts to wrap, standing
at the end of a long line, etc., etc., and you feel inclined to engage...instead, start singing the words "I Love You"
to the melody of Jingle Bells.
It's a perfect fit--just squeeze "I love you" in as you go along to the end of the melody, ANY melody, and that
ONE moment might feel so good that you'll choose to do it for ONE more moment and on and on and You're
CLEANING, which is our ONLY job...Divinity does the rest!"

Being happy is a very important cleaning tool in Ho'oponopono.
Focus on the 'Happy' in Happy Holidays.

"When we are Happy, we are grateful
When we are Happy, we are appreciative
When we are Happy, we forgive
When we are Happy, we love
When we are Happy, we are not harboring resentment or ill toward
anyone...because we're Happy and it only takes ONE moment."

"In Each moment:
The glass is either half full or half empty
We are either CLEANING or engaging
We are happy or we're not
We are at peace or we're each moment...OUR CHOICE" ~Mabel Katz.

Happy Holidays!

Check out Mabels website here. & you can get her free online newsletter also.


Mum said...

Thank-You. I Love You. Have a Happy Christmas.

We are together in Spirit ... always.

Anonymous said...

many lovely thoughts


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Love you,
Happy Holidays! xo

Anonymous said...

I just signed up for her newsletter and ordered her book. I am walking around singing all day now! LOL!

Happy Day!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Excellent!! I am glad you have discovered then power of ho'oponopono too - it's such an amazing technique!
I do it all the time. Love & Happiness, Keiko