Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life ( and plans)

I'm so amazed at myself (so, what else is new? lol) that I have decided to get a blog posting in.. My old job (selling furniture & tiffany lamps and cool household stuff here in the Beaches) just called & I am leaving to go into work in less than an hour..scrambling out of my pj's (yes, it's true, I have not been outside yet) to get down there.. I am in between putting on socks as I write this (no joke!) dinner to make for the kids.. big salad, plate of cut up veggies & leftover whatever is in the fridge (they'll manage) So, my plans for today are slightly thwarted.

And what was on the agenda, now that I am unemployed??? (sort of)
My plan today was.. write a book. ..or start to ( I wrote the outline yesterday - am hardcore dedicated to doing this finally - had an idea to do it before starting at ToSprouts last summer) so work on that, sponge & sand plaster in the bathroom.. we have a lot of drywalling, sanding & painting to do before selling this house next year, clean out kitchen cupboards and write Christmas cards.

Wow! But now that I am heading out to work for the evening I will have to put a bit of it off till tomorrow. I did get my Christmas cards done.. and thats a major thing.. tried to narrow it down to just the essential, around 80. but thats nothing.. I used to hand make them!!! (& they were gorgeous! ; ) k, boots are now on.. doing some serious multi-tasking >>and I am off.

xo, Love you!

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