Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sinterklaas and Sunburgers

My brother called last night and we had an interesting talk.. as usual! This time he was telling me how he would like to not really change Christmas.. (he knows this would not go over so well, I’m Huge on Christmas) but he wants to add to the tradition.

He wants to celebrate Sinterklaas on Dec 6th .. see his blog - Nov 30th Sinterklass tradition – Its a Dutch tradition which is still more popular there than Christmas.

He also wants to celebrate Epiphany on the 6th of January.. this is a tradition which was celebrated by Judith’s family. Its actually called Le fete des Rois (s/p?) or Feast for the 3 wise men. I think there might be presents then also but I have to look into this. He told me there is a cake which is baked with a bean in it and whoever gets the piece with the bean gets to be king for the day.

I like the idea of still holding Christmas because it’s a big family tradition.. and adding these others might alleviate the huge materialistic focus of the celebration by spreading it out.. but will the rest of my family go for it? ..and Sinterklaas is only days away.. how do I get presents shipped out to NB in time!?!
well, I do have the day off tomorrow. ; )

I have to rush now to work because I have to get in early today to prep for lunch. I made something new yesterday, Maries idea.. Sunburgers. We made Earth bread into buns and yesterday I made the burgers. The recipe is loosely based on one that was originally created by the Boutenkos I think, but I have seen it around so I think it’s ok to post.


2c sunflower seeds – soaked
½ c carrots
½ c celery
½ bunch green onions
¼ c fresh basil
¼ c parsley
1 t poultry seasoning
1 t raw honey
Process in food processor with the S blade. Shape into patties and eat fresh or dehydrate.

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