Sunday, December 10, 2006

Raw dish site

The following is from a new raw site I just found this morning and written by Stephen Parker.

‘"Nature’s laws" is a lofty term but it’s pretty simple. When you provide your body with fresh raw food, pure water, sufficient rest, sufficient exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and emotional and mental balance the body responds by exhibiting health. If you are suffering from an illness, your body will heal when you provide it with these factors. I remember hearing that “the same conditions that produce health are the same conditions that produce healing.’

‘Cooked food has a toxic and stimulating effect on the body. When cooked food is ingested, the body goes into a sort of overdrive and increases metabolism so that the body can deal with the toxic matter and get rid of it as quickly as possible. People who are constantly eating cooked food are in a constant state of toxic stimulation and are depleting their innate energy reserves.’

‘I also became aware that when I ate raw food I felt elasticity in my emotional state. I’d experience the same kinds of ups and downs that unfold in day to day living but I’d quickly return to a balanced state. I felt mentally more flexible and things didn’t “get to me” so much. I felt more tolerant.’

Asking yourself why you're not eating the healthy diet that you know is best for you and that gives you a tremendous sense of well-being can kick up a lot emotional stuff. There is help if you want it; no one has to go through these life transforming changes alone.’

‘I believe that adopting a raw foods based lifestyle has far reaching beneficial effects upon our total individual and planetary wellbeing. To a large degree it is something that can’t be described; you’ve just got to try it and experience it for yourself!’

‘Once you discover and really get it that the raw life is right for you, then do whatever you have to do to live it. Seek support wherever you can find it, support groups, raw life coaches, 12-step groups, raw friends, raw therapists, raw food potluck socials, raw retreats and seminars; just stick with it. Don’t give up; there may be ups and downs, personal and social challenges, but it is worth it.

The raw life path is transforming the world. Don't settle for being an observer; jump in and join us!’

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