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Anastasia on the Sun, love, dreams and miracles ..and then some time in Moronland - balancing out

I want to read you a story.
The following exerpt is from Anastasia by Vladimir Megre – Book 1 of The Ringing Cedar Series – p 140-142

According to Anastasia, the Sun is something like a mirror. It reflects emanations from the Earth which are invisible to the eye. These emanations come from people in a state of love, joy or some other radiant feeling. Reflecting off the Sun, they return to Earth in the form of sunlight and give life to everything on the planet. (2)

(2- Interestingly, the idea that the Sun has no radiance of its own is in fact quite widespread in both science and religion. For example, a prominent Russian engineer and scientist living in France, Dr George Lakhovsky(1869-1942), a biogenetics pioneer, author of The secret of life: Cosmic rays and radiations of living beings and one of the most respected European scientists of his time, has suggested that “The Sun is a cold black body”. Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) (from footnote1 – chap 16: an illustrious Austrian forester and engineer, whom gained deep insights into the workings of Nature and did research on the energy of implosion (or energy from a vacuum), as a natural alternative to today’s destructive technologies) argued along the same lines, as discussed in Callum Coate’s book Living energies. Dr. Phillip Callahan (1923- ), a prominent entomologist and radio engineer, author of numerous scientific articles and books, speaks about tachons, particles traveling faster than the speed of light, and attempts to detect them as solar rays and around people in a state of love (e.g., saints or meditating yogis). George Ivanovich Gurgjieff (1872?- 1949) was a spiritual thinker whose thought had a profound influence on such prominent intellectuals of the twentieth century as naturalist Aldo Leopold (1887-1948), originator of land ethics and author of a Sand County almanac, and economist E.F. Schumacher (1911-1977), author of Small is beautiful: Economics as if people mattered. Gurdjieff maintained that Sun “neither shines nor warms” and devoted an entire chapter of his Beelzebub’s tales to his grandson to a discussion of this seemingly paradoxical proposition.

She brought up a whole array of supporting arguments which were not that simple to grasp.

“If the Earth and other planets were simple consumers of the Sun’s grace of light,” she said, “it would be extinguished, or burn unevenly, and its glow would be off-kilter. In the Universe there is and can be no lopsided process. Everything is interrelated.”

She cited, too, the words of the Bible: “And the light was the light of men”.

(3 – John 1:4 - Authorized King James Version)

Anastasia also stated that one Man’s feelings can be transmitted to another by reflecting off the celestial bodies, and she demonstrated this by the following example:

“Nobody on Earth can deny that you can feel when somebody loves you. This feeling is especially noticeable when you are with a person who loves you. You call it intuition. In fact, invisible waves emanate from the one who loves. But the love can be felt, if it is strong enough, even when the individual is absent. By drawing upon this feeling and understanding its nature, one can do wonders. This is what you call miracles, mysticism or incredible abilities. Tell me, Vladimir, do you not feel a bit better with me now? Somehow lighter, warmer, more fulfilled?”

“Yes,” I replied. “For some reason I have started to feel warmer.”

“Now watch what happens when I concentrate on you even more strongly.”

Anastasia lowered her eyelids ever so slightly, slowly stepped back a few paces and stopped. A pleasant feeling of warmth started running through my body. It gradually intensified, but didn’t burst into flame, and didn’t make me hot. Anastasia turned and began to slowly walk away, hiding behind the thick trunk of a tall tree. The sensation of pleasant warmth did not lessen, and to it was added another – as though something were helping my heart to pump blood through my veins and with every heartbeat came the impression that the bloodstreams were instantly reaching every little vein in my body. The soles of my feet broke out in a heavy sweat and became very moist.

“You see? Now is it all clear to you?” Anastasia said as she triumphantly re-appeared from behind the tree, confident that she had proven something to me. “You see, you felt all that when I went behind the tree-trunk, and your sensations even increased when you could not see me. Tell me about them.”

I told her, and then asked in turn:

“What does the tree-trunk show?”

“What do you think? The waves of information and light went directly from me to you. When I hid myself, the tree-trunk was supposed to significantly distort them, since it has it’s own information and its own glow, but this did not happen. The waves of feelings began falling directly upon you, reflecting off the celestial bodies, and even intensified. Then I caused what you call a ‘miracle’ – your feet began to perspire. You failed to mention that fact.”

“I didn’t think it was important. How do my feet perspiring constitute a miracle?”
“I chased all sorts of diseases out your body through your feet. You should feel a lot better now. It is even noticeable on the outside – you are not slouching as much.”

Indeed, I was feeling better physically.

“So, when you concentrate like that, you dream up something and whatever you want comes to pass?”

“That describes it, more or less.”

“And does what you dream about always come to pass – even when you’re asking for something besides bodily healing?”

“Always. As long as it is not an abstract dream. As long as it is detailed down to the minutest aspects and does not contradict the laws of spiritual being. ...”

I read this on the subway ride home yesterday.. then I came and counteractively spend a bit of time in Moronland:

playing games - trying to protect a red block from floating blue ones:
Most addictive game – I got 15 seconds + & then gave up. Not so addictive. ; )

Sick Random Stuff – a collection of 13 random facts

& looking at pictures:
pic from The Age of Innocence

Enjoy the day! The sun is shining and I am going out into it!

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