Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cooked vs Raw, lycopene, dashing and the Dash movie

Randy sent this link to me yesterday. He was wondering about the cooked food tests.

There is a part in this where they are claiming that cooking is better than raw.
and they give an example that there is more lycopene in cooked tomatoes. I have heard this before and should look into it, to be honest I haven’t yet. Protein is the big question regarding the raw diet and I have that one down pat. lol

but I thought I would just post my response (ok,ok, it’s quick & I’m dashing : )

'I have heard the lycopene thing about tomatoes. Thats one of the big arguments for cooked foods.. ( & protein) .. but I have heard that lycopene is found more abundantly in other veg, not cooked, but not sure which, but maybe I should look into it.

I guess I haven't so much because there isn't really a big need to.. thats the thing that changes with cooked to raw, the need to examine everything. At frst going raw, you evaluate & examine because it all seems so radical.. you are feeling very different and realize that food is very powerful. Then your body is detoxing and you get unsure.. and many others have not tried this and are skeptical.. yet you feel so amazing. It only takes a few days to realize that dramatic changes are happening inthe body. All diseases go away.. you start rejeuvenating.. and even more on a mental/spiritual/intuitive level.. you feel more in sync with it all & realize that it just can't be wrong. So, as far as researching most people do a fair amount of research when they first go raw.. but there comes a time soon when most people stop and just enjoy it, as far as research, why bother?.

I guess all in all I bother for other people who may want to try raw & are intimidated.. but not for myself anymore. I have just heard of too many miraculous stories and very few where anything goes wrong.. except for people going back to cooked & their old diseases returning. It's just all good.. so whether its lycopene, or amino acids, or enzymes or just the life force/aura we are ingesting into our systems which is making us feel alive, healed, vibrant, beautiful, alive.. it stops mattering.. it just is & its all good! '

Another thing I was just thinking of that I find funny is that I am often asked about my diet from people who have diets that are probably about 1000 times worse than mine. (..not that I mind being asked!)

Another thought: A deer, or a bear or wild rabbit doesn’t go around wondering if they are getting enough lycopene, or protein or calcium. They just trust nature.

and Thank you Randy for sending me this! )

Wishing you & everyone a fantastic day also!

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