Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Festive drinks - juice, tea and chai-nog

I am up so early this morning.. lots of time to get everything done, which I find amazing - since I have been asked to come in earlier to work, kitchen prep - now that the cafe is getting busier. I think maybe Marie is missing the morning smoothies that I haven’t been making as much lately now that its getting busier. lol Seriously though, I was wondering where that extra ½ hour was going to come from out of my day.. I seemed stretched to the limit.. but somehow so far (day 2) it’s working.

I got more shopping in last night, I am learning the fine art of power shopping. I was told yesterday I seem more like the solstice type, by someone who seemed surprised that I celebrate Christmas. But I celebrate lots of things. & yeah, I can be as commercial as the next person at moments, but a conscientious commercial. & I like to blend worlds.

I made a very festive juice this morning. I got up at 5 so that I could get lots of things done around here before I went to work today. One being making the kids juice, which I felt bad that I skipped yesterday. It’s a good morning routine, they really like it. I made myself a special festive juice this morning with cranberries, grapes and an orange.

My raw friend Robin from work brought in an amazing tea that she had made. It was so good! She steeped rooibos, grated ginger and cinnamon overnight in water. In the morning she strained it and added some agave. Really great combination, was so good!

I have a recipe for Chai Nog from another friend at work, which is adapted from Elaina Love’s recipe.

3 c sweet nut milk – Blend 1 c almonds, a few dates and water, then strain
3 bananas
juice and chai spices to taste: cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, s & p
or agave &/or stevia to taste

more of Elaina Love’s recipes here:

Have a festive and colourful day. Make it special!

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