Monday, December 18, 2006

Games, shopping, kaiyas piercing, lights.. action... and causes too: Aids, fight for freedom

One of the great things about having kids – and having friends who are kids at heart - is finding fun on-line games. lol Here are 2 fun ones:

It was a super busy weekend. The market was so busy but a definite success. It was so busy I barely got a chance to eat. That was ok because I was so loaded up on E3Live.. everywhere I turned there it was. I did it in the morning, a shot with Gabriella, Bob (distributor) brought me over some while I was making raw sandwiches – think he saw I barely had time to look up, Steve gave me an AfA cap (same thing, dried form) Then a shot with Marie toward the end.. so I pretty much lived on that and chocolate all day. What a superfood diet.. what a way to feel really amazing. and btw, I have been asked but I have not heard of anyone ever taking too much E3Live.. I don’t know if it can be done. Bob told me one time he defrosted a whole bottle by accident and so he drank the whole thing, and just felt great. I have had ½ a bottle in a day but that’s as far as I have gone, yet.

Then after the market I went to a party in the evening and stayed up till 2 am. Got up early, had a HUGE day planned.. Christmas shopping, Kaiya got her labret (just below lower lip) pierced and I went with her downtown, New Tribe, just across from Much Music, Queen W. What a great place.. immaculate. My friend Dawn came & her daughter got her nose pierced.. what a strange thing to do in the middle of Christmas shopping. lol But it was really fun and I got so much shopping done before and after. Not to mention Christmas lights up and tree etc.

I think I need more E3Live now to help me recoup!
Have a very fulfilling, beautiful and festively sparkly day! ; )

2 more websites for causes:

1. Aids awareness:

2. Modern day slavery abolition – People are still struggling for freedom

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Cyan said...

I thought I sent you the link to line Rider a month ago. Look for the one on youTube, amazing. Glad you had fun with the shopping and piercings. Bye for now...6 days & counting.