Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm back.. Raw Christmas, my Dad, HTML site

I’m back. Wow.. that was a whirlwind trip. I am up, getting ready for work and back into routine. but somehow things have changed. (I guess they always do) But I have been evaluating what is going on with me.. I am not feeling my usual self. I am feeling emotional and meditative.. and I am on a major clean up streak through the house. That is making me feel better.

Christmas was wonderful. I am so appreciative to have been able to go home with my family to share Christmas with them. That was really special. Mom definitely knows how to do Christmas. And we got to have a raw Christmas together.. that was great!

The hard part and the reason I am not quite myself is seeing my Dad. Mom warned me that he had changed a lot. He had. Dad has Alzheimers. He was stage 3 when he finally went into a nursing home in early November. A couple weeks ago he fell and broke 3 ribs. Now he is in a wheelchair and I guess he looks a lot better than right after the fall, but he still looks a lot different than when I last saw him a year ago. I was at the home twice a day for the 3 days I was there and now mom is there usually twice a day to help feed him and take him for walks. It’s really sad and although I have a lot on my mind right now, this is the primary one.. thoughts and pics of him keep fluttering through my mind.

One thing about being raw I have noticed is that it’s harder to block emotional stuff. We can do that easily, and often do, with food on a cooked diet. Being raw usually means facing and dealing with things, which is good.. but.. it"s still hard.

- but as my grandfather used to tell my mother "That's life, girl!"
That's a bit of an inside joke - but it stays with me also. lol

Randy is working on my site – just put up a raw challenge page.. with a video I am just seeing for the 1st time. wow, Good one Randy! : )

He is making the site in HTML. because some people couldn’t access it before without Flash. if that’s the case & you come here through blogspot, you can try it now:

I also have my comments set up so its easy to post.. and they come straight to my e-mail.. and straight to my blackberry. wow! How’s that for becoming a tekkie? and I got a new laptop for Christmas.. lots to figure out.
but I am back to work now.. g2run

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and I wish everyone a beautiful, bright, colorful & glittery day!

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