Thursday, December 14, 2006

cows and vegetables - time to live!

I was just listening to the radio & they talking about cows and how they contribute to most of the toxic fumes in the world. Cows? Yes, that’s what they were saying.. that 33% of all the world’s methane comes from cows. They are the major contributors of global warming. I wonder if they are talking about the nice fluffy rambling cows who live on hillsides and on farmlands.. or factory farmed cows. But I guess we know that answer.

Of course these cows eat other cows feces and well, other cows.. so I guess it would make sense that their fumes are getting to be quite toxic. But I was just kind of amazed the way it was presented on the radio.. like it was just cows in general. It’s their fault for our global warming. We really have nothing to do with it.. is how it sounded.. But really it is all our fault that they are living in little cages with barely room to move and being force fed their own family.

Oops.. sorry about that. I got a little carried away..

But while I am at it. I hear there is another spinach scare. My husband told me not to buy spinach again. I read the other day also that a whole bunch of Taco bells closed down or something over bad green onions. Vegetables are downright dangerous, aren’t they? Maybe we should all be eating plastic instead. Chemicals, holographic foods, non-foods, artificial foods.. what is going on out there?

It’s like the strong are getting stronger and the weak are getting weaker.. Which direction are you going in? Whose side are you going to join?

On a side note, I am getting overwhelmingly busy right now, getting ready for Christmas, and just trying to do everything else that I usually do. Work is busy. Home is busy. Cookies are selling like crazy & they take time to make. I decided this morning that a few things are going to have to give. The gym has been giving the most lately and until January it will continue to. (except yoga : ) I skipped making juice and breakfast for the kids this morning but am deciding right now that that’s just wrong because I really enjoy that part of the morning. My kids and family are top priority in my life. So, That being said.. Mom, if I am not here to write my blog in the morning once in awhile until Christmas there is a 99.9% chance that I am just getting other things done around here and just taking the morning off from writing. That’s life.

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