Monday, April 30, 2007

The Italian in Thailand who goes to Fruitopia for Paella and shares everything!

Sometimes I have a dilemma.
When I come up with a really good recipe and I want to share it ..and yet I plan on making part of my business with recipes. Should I give them all away now or save them for the upcoming book. Not that I've started a book yet.. other than in my thoughts.

..and yet I love the saying "Share everything with everyone"
and I am getting there..

and I have sooo many recipes. But this one is such a classic. This feels kind of like handing down your grandmother's secret recipe, which normally only gets shared with people close to you.
I last shared it with Amy (of Chocosol) and she made tons of it for their huge Valentines party. ..& I think she did a better job than me of making it. But its so easy to make.. just throw everything in the blender & blend, thats it.

My Favorite Tomato Sauce

3-4 tomatoes
1/2 c sun-dried tomatoes
1 garlic clove
1 jalapeno
1/2-1/3 red pepper
1 T olive oil
1 T honey (or agave)
1 T apple cider vinegar
Lots of basil & oregano

herb tip - of course fresh & from the garden is best. I grow lots & at the end of the season, pick it all & blend with some olive oil & freeze it to use during the winter.

Blend and then pour on top of spiralized zucchini. It's so much like the real thing it's incredible.. but honestly, it's even better!

Ok so I wanted to share that with you to share my dinner for the last couple nights.
I love this variation I just came up with.
I was calling it (to myself):

An Italian in Thailand

2 T coconut dream
2 T agave
2 T lime juice
1 T tamari (mine was oriental ginger flavor)
1 t curry
sambal oelek or chilis or hot peppers to taste (last night it was really hot, I was sweating!)
Celtic salt
and 4 heaping T's of Tomato Sauce

Mix all together. I spiralized & then chopped the zucchini pasta a bit and I would have added a bit of chopped cilantro also if I had it.

Tonight I am planning on making Paella. I watched a video on how to make it at
It looks so good! see the video here:
I love this website.. Love Tanja! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Here's her creation which she says is just as good & maybe even better the next day, as the saffron continues to infuse the dish with flavour for up to 24 hours.

Tanja's Fresh Paella Recipe

Saffron Dressing:
Whisk together,
Lg pinch saffron soaked in
2T lemon juice for 20 minutes or more
2T olive oil
1t agave syrup or honey
dash sea salt

Marinated Mushrooms:
1/2C oyster or other mushrooms marinated in
1/2C water
1/4C rice-wine vinegar (apple cider would work too)
2T nama shoyu or soy sauce
1T dulse flakes
1t paprika

Paella “Rice”:
1 1/2C turnip, chopped
1/3C pine nuts
1/4C bell pepper
2T onion
1t garlic
2 sm. tomatoes, chopped
1/2C fresh peas
1/4C parsley
1/4C sun-dried tomatoes soaked well, chopped

Pulse turnips, pine nuts, bell peppers, onion, and garlic in food processor until grainy rice-like consistency. Stir in tomatoes, peas, parsley and saffron dressing. Top with drained marinated mushrooms, sliced green olives, additional finely chopped parsley and a dusting of paprika.

painting - emundi heirloom artscape yr 7 - from

The House of T.O.L.A. (Theater of Life Artistry)

The Galleries within hold the brushstokes of literally thousands of people, all composed live at the event under the hand of the artist Bob Gammage. He has his own gallery and his original artscapes all carry a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bob is a colourist, creating images you can step into. He is a painter, writer, philosopher and sculptor.......a bohemian who lives where his feet are, and he endevours to abide by one rule no harm.

photo from


shebytches said...

You should ask a select few people test your recipes for you :)

This way you know which to put in your book!

xo C

Robin said...

Hey Good Idea.
..but do you mean test as in I make & they taste or they make & taste?

I do have a few people that test taste in my neighbourhood. but you are more than welcome to test! ; )

Day 2! (on your raw challenge -

Hope you're doing well!

shebytches said...

I'm always up for eating, I mean testing :)

Yes, you should have both taste testers and recipe testers. This way you can also get feedback on if the recipe is easy to understand, porportions are universal etc.

DAY2 Haven't posted yet, will do that tonight :)

Officially it is day 7 for me. And you were right, once you go Raw! I highly doubt I will go back to cooked food, or if I do, rarely as there are one or two things I still like :)

xo c