Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not so random thoughts: shaking up belief systems, increasing happiness and the order of randomness

I have been busy conceptualizing an idea that is HUGE.
..and now I need to go present ideas and formulate plans with my co-conspirator and partner to be...
...and, of course, these plans will be disclosed as they materialize.
: )

but for now.. 3 random, or not so random, thoughts

1st - from the book of my writing at the bottom of my bed- this book was written awhile ago & so may or may not have been posted before. (but I like this thought, a good repeat, even if so)

'Imagine that the thing that you believe in the most is totally false and you are wrong about all the things that you held as truths. It's good to shake up the belief system every once in awhile. We know a lot less than we believe. We can get very opinionated, with strong beliefs and stuck on things as human beings. That being said.. we also know everything because we are everything.'
.. Nowthat, my friends, is a 10th dimensional thought!

Thought #2 - from the book on top of that book, also of my writings (I have so many books- of dreams and thoughts and stuff in real life)

'Every night, think of 3 good things that happened to you and analyze why they occurred. This will increase your overall happiness.'
I haven't tried that one, but it makes sense. Think I'll go try it while I make my smoothie..

ok, thought #3 is from a book I just finished -The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. This is a memoir, not the type of book I usually read. I thought it would be a nice easy read, a novel.. but its deep.. incredible insight into another persons life, really fascinating ..and even if it affected and maybe hurt my soul a bit on a very deep level - I would still recommend it.

This thought is from Jeannette's father, who was an alcoholic, but someone quite brilliant.
He was in the hospital, very ill and 'pondering about mortality and the nature of the cosmos'. He had been reading about chaos theory and esp the work of Mitchell Feigenbaum, a physicist at Los Alamos who had made a study of the transition between order and turbulence. He stated that turbulence was not in fact random but followed a sequential spectrum of varying frequencies. This would conclude that every act in the universe that we thought was random (even a spatula flying out in space) actually conforms to a rational pattern. This implies that nothing is actually random and that quantum physics even suggests that there is a Divine creator - her father was an adamant atheist.

Nothing random? could it be. I think down deep I kind of felt this.. but on another level I think I will still pretend that things are.. cause I really like the random idea.. it's just fun.

: ) Have a very fun and an orderly-chaotic random day!

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