Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tanning from the inside out - ingesting sunlight and Kirlian photography

I thought of something interesting last night. I am not sure, but I don't think I have ever heard it put together like this. Have you ever noticed that raw foodists have a natural tan? I noticed this right away.. in fact, at first I questioned whether I was eating too many carrots. ..but I wasn't, and it wasn't an orangy color.. it was a natural tan color. But then I stopped thinking about it & just enjoyed it.

Then last night I was thinking about the life force in foods.. and we have heard many times how the food has sun energy.. not just enzymes and nutrients, but a life force energy that you can see with kirlian photography. I have seen pics of a raw foodists hands, which generally have a bright aura around them and a junk-foodists hands, kirlian photographed, which show barely any life force at all. & it occured to me that its the sun that is being ingested through the foods.. the plants get their energy from the sun & when we ingest them we get a natural tan, from the sun, through the foods we eat. Cool!

Kirlian Photography

It was in 1939 that a Russian electrical engineer, Semyon Kirlian, working with a high voltage machine that he thought was turned off, noticed a discharge when his hand came into contact with the machine. He found this discharge could expose photographic emulsion.

Further work has since shown that some form of discharge can be produced from inanimate objects, but that from living tissue fluctuates and appears to vary in intensity, depending on the health of the tissue.

Not only animal tissues, but vegetable matter give off a corona. It is strongest in plants when freshly cut, and tends to be equated with 'healthiness'. Thus wholemeal bread has a much stronger corona than non-wholemeal and fresh milk has a corona whereas dried milk has none.

An intriguing feature of plants is the phantom leaf effect. (Fig. 2). For a few seconds after cutting away part of a leaf, a corona discharge in the exact shape of that part removed can be shown.
pic &kirlian info from: http://www.biofieldsciences.com/biofieldsciences.com/IMAGES/kirlian-hand.jpg

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Excellent insight...

How much can you injest through your hands
solar gazing?

Do you have Kirlian photo the famous Ti plant in Hawaii used by the kahunas?