Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ideas! Jay Douglas, Sly Dunbar and Dr Aris Latham of Sunfired Foods - Benefits

For the past 4 nights I have been getting less sleep than usual.
Last night I was up writing, pen and paper - about 14 pages of ideas for our new venture, at about 3 am.
I often get inspired in the middle of the night. Sometimes first thing in the morning.. but if there are a lot of things on my mind, sometimes I wake up & have to write them all down so I can fall back asleep.. which I usually do right away.

The night before I was up late from partying : ) - cd release party for Jay Douglas at the Revival club @ College & Shaw, for his new cd - A Touch of Magic. It was great, Jay has such a great voice & so much soul! .. he was backed by Sly & Robbie. We had such a fun night.
Yesterday Jay, a regular & friend from work, brought in Sly & Tony Greene - sax player.

from wikipedia - :

Sly and Robbie are reggae's most prolific and long lasting production team. The rhythm section of drummer Lowell Dunbar (nicknamed Sly after Sly Stone, one of his favorite musicians) and bass guitarist Robert Shakespeare started working together in the mid 1970s, after having established themselves separately on the Jamaican music scene. They are humorously also sometimes referred to as Sly Drumbar and Robbie Bassspeare.

Sly and Robbie may well be the most prolific recording artists ever. One estimate is that they have played on or produced some 200,000 songs [1], considering that some of their riddims such as "Revolution" have been used on over 100 songs.

Sly & I got talking - he's raw also, about the same amount of time as me, just over 2 years.
I told him of some of my ideas and that it included raw travelling and asked if he had a good connection in Jamaica. He hooked me up with this guy: Dr Aris Latham of Sun Fired Foods.

This guy is huge! He was the head chef at Hippocrates. He's been raw for 30 years.

The 2004 Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America acclaims: ‘…the raw food movement owes much to Aris LaTham, a native of Panama, he is considered to be the father of gourmet ethical vegetarian raw foods cuisine in America. He debut his raw food creations in 1979, when he started Sunfired Foods, a live-foods company in New York City. In the years since he has trained thousands of raw food chefs and added innumerable recipes to his repertoire…’

He is currently engaged in the training of vegetarian and raw food chefs for other major international resorts and hotels. ‘Sunfired Edible Arts’, education, nutrition, detox, catering, and consulting services are available through The VegSoul Retreats and Sunfired Food Health Institute in Negril, Jamaica. Aris is featured every Wednesday, 8-10pm London time on

from his website - on the Benefits page:

There are many other benefits of a Sunfired Food Cuisine:


People commonly experience sleepiness and lethargy after consuming a large cooked meal. Many people run out of energy by evening time. This indicates that the body is struggling with something with which it should not be challenged. A meal that has not been cooked does not produce this lethargy, but actually gives the body the natural energy that it needs.


A. Overweight:

Many people are overweight. It is difficult to maintain an attractive, healthy weight on the typical SAD (Standard American Diet) food consumption. However, weight is virtually no concern to those on a gourmet Sunfired Food Cuisine.

B. Hair Loss:

Many previously balding men and women have reported new hair growth, even to near normal, on a fresh-raw food diet.

C. Colds & Flu:

The frequency of colds, flu, minor infections, etc. is substantially reduced if not completely eliminated.

D. Sexual Impotency:

There is a dramatic increase in the number of operations and other medical treatments for male sexual dysfunction. Many women suffer from infertility, premature menopause and other reproductive ailments. Normal, vital sexual function is enhanced on a Sunfired Food Cuisine.


Nearly everyone agrees that diet affects our health and that most people should change what they eat. What is not as well known is that a mineral-rich, fresh-raw food diet all but assures us that we will not suffer from cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and many other crippling or fatal diseases that plague us.


A. Longevity:

People live longer, feel better, and have a higher quality of life on a fresh-raw food diet, avoiding minor and major diseases and deterioration. There is much scientific and anthropological evidence showing this.

B. Genetic Deterioration:

There is an increase in evidence being reported – for instance a NY Times front page article – that unexplained genetic deterioration is occurring from one human generation to the next. It was proven in an earlier published, 10-year research project by Dr. Robert Pottinger on animals and humans that the processed, western diet leads to genetic degeneration in newborn children.


Medical costs have become a major element in the economy of many nations as well as families. As costs soar, everyone's well being is threatened. A large part of these expenditures, as well as the lost productivity and human suffering, can be avoided by consistently eating and enjoying a varied fresh-raw food cuisine.


A Sprinkled Life said...

I love your blog! I live in NY but I often check in because I am desperately trying to become a Raw Foodist! I just finished reading Green For Life and have been drinking the Green Smoothies. I was wondering since I have seen that you met her recently it ok that I mix and match her recipes? I don't make them exactly how she has them in the book. I change up the fruits and greens depending on availability.
I went raw briefly last summer but once the weather got cold I was unable to keep it up. I hope to do it this time around.
Keep up the good work. You are my inspiration!

A Sprinkled Life said...

P.S. I swear my teeth are whiter since I have been drinking them which has only been one week today!

Robin said...

Hi Sprinkled!
Thanks & I love that you commented. About the green smoothies - definitely mix them up.. and fruits and green combo will work. 40 % greens & 60 % fruit - although the Boutenkos drink a much higher quantity of greens in theirs now. I made a gallon of the stuff for them to take on their plane trip back home.

I mix mine up like crazy now.. today I was low on greens, just pea sprouts and turned it into a superfood, goji, cacao, green smoothie with flax, maca, camu camu, slippery elm bark powder, fo-ti, bananas.

But that was quite a variation from a traditional green smoothie..
I need to go shopping. I just have not had time or been home lately - thats life!

The biggest thing I got from Victoria about the greens in the smoothies was to change them up every once in awhile. Rotate your greens.. don't have the same ones every day. Have spinach for a few days and then go to something else for awhile,,, and back again. I often put a couple types greens in though when I make the just fruit & green smoothies. Almost any fruit combination works and tastes great. Experiment. Have fun with it.

Oh & about the winter thing.. its the detoxing process that makes you cold. This winter was so much better for me than last.. and I hear it keeps getting better. The 1st winter can be killer though. persevere, it's worth it.

Hope I answered your questions.
Thanks for asking.. and in addition to your teeth, you will see more & more improvements here & there. Its awesome!
: )

A Sprinkled Life said...

Thanks so much Robin you're Awesome!