Friday, April 27, 2007

Raw friends in Windsor and Waterloo

I met Cynthia of Divinely Raw in Waterloo a few days ago at work, Toronto Sprouts - with her friend and daughter.
Am looking up her website - she has some great classes (Mexican!Mmmm), events (Raw & Salsa dancing, great combo!), pot-lucks, catering.. lots going on there!!
Best wishes Cynthia, hope to make it out there one day to visit you.
check out her website:

I also met a couple other women, Renee and Alice of Nude Food, located in Windsor, at the Total Health Show recently. They also offer creative raw- living food workshops, events, products and catering. Renee became adopted as my sister that Saturday night at the show.. although I haven't heard from her yet.. sorry sis about not keeping in touch, hope you're reading this, lol. I gained 3 sisters that day though.. so hard to keep up with everyone.. so glad I have my blog!
But, just thought I would mention it was wonderful meeting you.. and I wish you every success in your endeavours. It all looks amazing. (p.s. just copied the recipes - they look great! - thanks)

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