Monday, April 16, 2007

Mom's leaving.. we had so much fun - we shared (& share) so much; raw dishes, blood, minerals, chakras & jewellry

Mom's on her way home soon.. she's out taking a walk right now. I'm going to write this then go make some tabouli & a big salad for her to take on the train. It's a 20 hour trip.. she has a free pass cause Dad used to work for Via.. but she'll get a bedroom. Mom enjoys this trip, trains are great for reading.

We had such a great time while she was here!

We had some great raw dishes - raw pizza (3 different kinds!), tacos, burger, sandwich, baba ganoush w/garlic bread & cauliflower rice, broccoli & cheese, pesto stuffed mushroom caps, burritos, crispy veggie chips & dip, apple-pear pie, choc cheesecake w/ raspberry sauce, tiramisu, so many kinds of salads, so many kinds of chocolate.. so many ideas for her to take back with her.

& we had so much fun at the health show!

Health Show highlights:
Seeing mine and Mom's blood - Live Cell microscopy - magnified under a microscope. It's like a whole other universe going on in there, in each drop of our blood. All these little round red blood cells like marbles, gathering in groups along pathways of plasma.. like people crowded along a street waiting for a parade. ..and then every once in awhile you see a weird shape, spongy looking thing, amongst them, just slightly bigger, which is the white blood cells.. and it goes around like a vacuum picking up little tiny black specks from the plasma.
Our blood looked almost identical, we got almost perfect scores on plasma, immune system, but our red blood cells showed slight mineral deficiency. I was surprised.. with all the green stuff I eat!
Then we got our minerals tested.. and I am low on iron (a monthly thing) but also I need minerals that can be got in seaweed.. iodine, et.. which I have not been eating hardly at all lately.

We got our chakras done, Kirlian photography. I had to talk Mom into getting hers.. am so glad I did. It was amazing.. ours are almost exactly the same.. except she's blue I am indigo.. but we have the same patches of lavender, turquoise, purple around the edges.. ..oh, but I had a white thing coming out of the top of my head... The was Amazing! so cool : ) '
I kind of thought I might be an indigo child.. but there we go, it's def confirmed. I should have guessed - after all I'm grounded to the earth by a butterfly - one of my totem animals.

We bought lots of great jewelery - got a big beaded bracelet, a watermelon tourmaline necklace to wrap around my wrists (thats one of my very favorite stones!).. and we finished off the show, very last thing by buying matching moldevite earrings. If you don't know about moldevite, you should. Its a phenomenal extraterrestrial stone, actually the only e.t. stone that can be cut into a gem. It'll zoom you into other dimensions and times!

but here & now on planet earth, it's time to go make Mom some salad & pack her up with cacao & goji berries and all the best things and get ready to go. : )

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