Monday, April 09, 2007

No More Raw Almonds!!! Raw blog & You know your a raw foodist when...

No more raw almonds. ..???
..but I love almonds!!!

The California Almond Board has decided to pasteurize all almonds.

And these pasteurized almonds are going to be decptively labeled as raw!

Almonds, which has been until now a staple, will be eliminated from the raw foodists diet.

See what’s going on behind the scenes:

I believe that what we're witnessing here is a prime example of the erosion of our freedom in America. It's been happening slowly, but surely, and now its touching each of your lives. I believe its only the tip of the iceberg, and a sample of unchecked government control getting out of hand. The first step in stopping this is to become aware of the problem, so I HIGHLY recommend that each of you go out and see the movie "America, Freedom to Facism" at
Charlie Abel

Please sign the petition against mandatory almond pasteurization:

for details of this plan which has been passed with little consumer notification:

Great article from by Mike Adams - Read This:
Food Scam: Almond Board of California to falsely label pasteurized almonds as "raw"

And this, this is great, from her site.. (selected list.. it was even longer!)

You know you’re a raw foodist when…

You don’t read labels any more.
You’re on a mission to try every kind of fruit that grows on Mother Earth.
You don’t burn your hand fixing dinner.
The biggest mixing bowl you own has been turned into your personal salad bowl.
Your compost pile grows at an alarming rate.
You don’t buy food in boxes and cans any more.
The blender is the most important appliance in the kitchen.
You don’t stop on the way home from work to pick up milk and bread.
People you haven’t seen for a long time don’t say, “How are you?” They say, “What diet are you on???”
Your kitchen looks like the produce section at the local market.
You’re conscious of all the junk food in other people’s buggies.
You learn which cashiers handle your bananas with tender loving care.
You eat until you are full with a perfectly clear conscience.
You don’t dread stepping on the scales in the morning. (I saw a cartoon in my ob/gyn’s office–two little girls were standing beside some scales. One was saying to the other, “Don’t step on that. It’ll make you cry.”)
Your medicine cabinet doesn’t have any medicine in it.
You say, “Breakfast will be ready in a second” and it really is–in as much time as it takes to peel a banana.
You go down the canned food aisle and feel like you’re in a foreign country.
You forget what’s in the dairy section.
Your poo doesn’t smell bad.
Your tastebuds cry for mercy when they are subjected to some of the raw “gourmet treats”.
You learn about foods you never knew existed.
You decide that your animals should eat raw, too.
You drink a lot of your meals.
You never burn yourself fixing dinner.
Your recipes don’t say anything about baking, boiling, or frying.
You see an overweight person and you think, “Cooked food, cooked food.”
People give you fruit baskets for Christmas.
At first, people are interested in hearing about your lifestyle but after you talk for a minute or two, their eyes glaze over.
Your friends are suspicious because you’re smiling all the time.
You don’t wonder if you turned off the stove and coffee maker.
Your hair and clothes don’t smell like fried potatoes and onions (or any other kind of cooking).
You don’t burn your tongue when you’re eating.
You don’t make a list before you go food shopping. You buy whatever looks good that you can afford. And bananas. Always bananas.
You don’t have to be concerned about a grease fire burning your house down.
You have a hard time shutting your refrigerator door-your fruit bowl and refrigerator are filled to overflowing with produce!
You don’t have whale breath when you get up in the morning.
You never have a greasy mess to clean up.
You spend less time in the doctors’ offices and hospitals than anyone else you know.
You suffer withdrawal if you don’t have time to exercise.
You don’t buy anything that lists ingredients any more.
You buy raw organic agave nectar in gallon jugs.
You feel bad when you give all your “don’t eat anymore” things away–not because you’ll miss them but because you know that the person would be better off without them.
You get up in the morning full of anticipation.
“Tired” is no longer a part of your vocabulary unless you are talking about a vehicle.
You have that healthy glow without help from the cosmetic counter.
You love the sun and it loves you back.
You aren’t embarrassed if someone has to go into the bathroom behind you.
You dream of the tropics and men in palm trees throwing down coconuts.
You buy more mangos in a week than you used to all year long.
You don’t avoid looking at your reflection as you walk toward a glass door.
You never buy Kleenex anymore.
You’ve forgotten what the inside of a drugstore looks like.
You’ve developed a sudden interest in gardening and farmers’ markets.
Your relatives stop inviting you over for Thanksgiving.
Your washing machine gets less exercise.
Your medical insurance has lapsed, and you don’t care.

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shebytches said...

don't forget
~you shake your head at all the pizza boxes and fast food container in your neighbours recycling. I'm not completely raw yet and already do that :)

Robin said...

Yes, it can be amazing the things you realize after going raw. Not to mention how good you feel bringing out your bin which is now not nearly as full and has cool items in it like mango boxes, olive oil bottles, E3Live and kombucha tea bottles, cool quality stuff. : )

Tommie said...

After I started eating raw, it hit me that this was an entirely different way of living--not just eating. I'm glad you like what I've come up with. If you think of something else, leave me a comment and I'll include it!

James Nujima Living Foods said...

Hi Robin,

Everything is OK with the Almonds! We will always have Raw Almonds here in Canada. I guess everyone has forgotten but almonds grow other places than in California yes incredible isn't it. So if it really gets to the point where they just have to cook all the North American almonds I will begin to import them from the places where they grow naturally like Greece, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Turkey. We will always have raw almonds! Yea!

Robin said...

You know you're a raw foodist when you feel bad cooking for the rest of your family who are not raw. ...yet.
I totally agree with you.. it is a different way of living.
Enjoying your blog.. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin said...

Hey James, Thanks for the reassurance! ..and for being there to bring in the best. I was just really amazed at how they can label them as raw, even though they aren't. It just seemed so insidious ..and kind of scary how blatant it was - they are not hiding how their raw almonds are pasteurized. It just seemed so wrong.. and wronger still that most people don't know or care.

Thanks James, we'll know where to get our almonds! : )

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Anonymous said...

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