Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Thoughts from David Wolfe’s Sunfood Diet Success System:

“That which you are seeking is also seeking you.”

“Life is an adventure. Never allow yourself to be bored. Spend every moment fully alive. Appreciate everything. Never stop growing and learning. The mysteries and wonder of life are expansive and never ending. Enjoy every moment.”

“We sense that there are two sides to our nature. You exist in this form as part animal, part deity; we are a spirit animated in a physical body. The glorious journey is to become as much of a deity as possible and ascend to our highest potential. To that end we desire a health which allows the full expression of our spirit through our physical body. You are a divine being who walks the Earth – start living like one” DW

Thoughts from yoga class: One thing about yoga is that It really brings awareness to the body.. and I am all about awareness these days.. all of yoga is about awareness but I am thinking especially the end relaxing part where we are just lying and focusing on relaxing parts of our body, one at a time.. you notice things that are usually missed in everyday life.. like the way the folds of the clothing you are wearing touch the body.. the way everything touches the body, even the air.. you feel your breathing, what’s happening inside. We did an interesting thing coming out of relaxation last night.. she got us to tense up one muscle at a time throughout our body, feet 1st, then calves, then thighs, then hamstrings, gluteal etc but when you tense one muscle try not to tense any other around it, just try to tense hamstrings without gluts, maybe with a bit of practice!? .. and so on right through the rest of your body. It was great.

Another great relaxation I love after yoga is to close your eyes, always in savasana (corpse position) .. feel like you are on a beach.. feel the sun, the light and warmth.. breathe the light into your body, feel the luminous inner body (it’s a theme! : ) picture people all around you on the beach and see their luminous bodies also.. they are connected to yours.. when you wake or come up try keeping the light inside .. & carry it with you throughout the day.

Yoga tip

One way to get better at yoga is to imagine it. While I'm not advocating pushing too hard, sometimes just imagining you can go further into a pose will get you there. It gives you the will to try just a little harder. For example, if you're doing Bow, visualize the beauty of the pose: the graceful arc formed by the arch of the back, the legs lifted high, feet moving back to open the chest. Then make your body into that shape—not violently or suddenly, but using your intelligence, your breath, and gradual movements from the inside to achieve the best pose possible.

So next time you're doing a pose you find difficult, instead of doing it halfheartedly, thinking, "I can't do this pose," try this little trick of mine. Say to yourself, "I can do it." Use your mind's eye to see yourself a little deeper in the pose and then go there.

By the way, this will also help you hold a pose longer. Summon up your willpower, take deep, even breaths, and see yourself holding it longer, a second at a time. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how well you can do!

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