Tuesday, May 02, 2006

thoughts, fog analogy, ‘don’t know’ mind

A few of my e-mails:

1- Subject – “Be aware of your thinking”

“There’s a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life and it becomes real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one.”

May you have great thoughts!
Love, Mom

(we’re on the same wave length ; )

2- Subject - Mon. May 1, 2006
Take only what you need. We can really live on just a fraction of the food we eat, use just a fraction of the water, electricity, and gasoline we use, generate less garbage, and consume much less “stuff” if we want to. We can touch the earth more gently. And rather than being a sacrifice we may find that we ourselves are healthier and happier with more time and peace of mind while also contributing to the greater good and allowing more for others! It may even change us on a soul level, making us relish each little thing life has to offer and opening our eyes to true abundance. To your Health and Happiness,Jinjeehttp://www.TheGardenDiet.com

3- Subject – Spin Cycle
(just the end part – it’s a long e-mail about why we (artists) work) …So why do we work? The spin tells me that it's our human longing for immortality. It's love that we require. And many artists wish to be loved immortally. Our quest for love has its vernacular in our quest for fame. Love is why we work and sing and write and dance and quilt and point cameras and make all the things that we do.
Best regards, Robert

PS: "I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That's why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called Love?" (Cole Porter)

From Robert Genns twice weekly letters- april 28

Yeah, yeah, I know.. I was behind in opening some of my e-mails

What a beautiful day Tuesdays are. It’s my favorite day of the week these days. I took a pilates class with Tracy, whom I love – used to do her spinning classes, they were the best!Then I had meditation class in the afternoon and then my favorite yoga class of all in the evening with Jeannie. Its like power yoga, I think.. I keep hearing this word, power yoga. & because it’s the toughest by far I assume that this is what I am hearing about. I love yoga lately. It feels so great, is relaxing & yet really strengthens core muscles.. I feel tighter & am feeling different muscles the morning after my Tues class than with my regular weight workout. Abs, back, butt – its all good!

Last song @ yoga during the relaxation part – Guru Avatar

Meditiation class – 3 things.
1- fog analogy – being aware/ mindful/conscious of our thoughts and actions leads us to a higher level of spirituality. It speeds up our maturity almost without us realizing itlike walking through a fog and not realizing you are getting wet until you are.

2- In meditation class we leave 3 things at the door: our condition, our situation & our opinion. (or at least we try not to be attached to them)

3- We need to own our feelings. We are responsible for the way we are feeling. It is our own mind creating the feelings. The opposite of this would be to blame someone else or a situation for the way we are feeling.

4- Ok, so theres actually a 4th thing. The ‘don’t know’ mind. Sometimes we meditate on ‘who am I’ but not even the question of it, more the wonder of it. The answer to this, if there is any, is ‘don’t know’ although just the wonder of it is better. The answer to everything is don’t know in the ‘don’t know’ mind. What is this chair? Don’t know. Who is that person? Don’t know… this gets rid of labels and preconceived ideas and opens the mind to all possibilities. It’s like looking fresh at everything.

Next week is our long 2 ½ hour meditation.

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