Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wahe Guru – Sikh Guru Teaching

Kaiya’s dance recital is this weekend – all day today & tomorrow. We could only get tickets for today’s show. It was a 4 hour long performance! It was very wonderful, amazing costumes, great dancing.. but very long. & they are doing 2 shows tomorrow!


The real message of the Sikh Gurus is both very simple and extremely metaphysical. They state that awareness (consciousness) alone exists without a body, without any form, substance, time or space. They reveal that since there is no material substance or any space within awareness to create a genuinely physical world, it simply imagines (dreams) worlds upon worlds, upon worlds within itself for play (to experience and express itself). This play (dreaming) within awareness has always existed, and always will. The clue to the power of awareness (consciousness) to imagine with intense virtual reality (of physical solidity) lies within our own dreams at night.

Each night within our own awareness, we imagine a world which seems to be outside and as physically solid as the one we wake up to. Upon waking we realize that world never existed outside, that it never existed anywhere other than as imagination within our own awareness. If we ask of what substance that world in our dream was made of, the answer is of no substance, it was simply imagined. And yet the objects in dreams at night are every bit as solid as the ones we wake up to. And such is the power of awareness (the infinite) which according to the Sikh gurus alone exists, and alone is the real Self of all.

The Sikh gurus reveal what self realized mystics have been sharing for centuries, that the 3 states - the waking state (jagrat), dream state (svapam), and dreamless sleep state (susupati) are all imagined within the witnessing awareness (turiya - the 4th state) which alone is real.

When you are conscious in your consciousness (aware of your inner awareness), you shall be enlightened and illuminated. Raag Gauree 339

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