Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The only reason we see weakness in others is because we recognize it in ourselves.

To forgive weakness in others is to recognize and forgive weakness in ourselves.

We are creative beings and we create, consciously or unconsciously, the conditions around us. We create our own world around us with our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions.
Fear will make us see the world as threatening and hostile.
When we have love inside of us we see the world as safe, happy, beautiful, abundant, creative, exuberant, exciting, full of wonder, peace & joy. Ahhh!

: ) I’m really happy right now.. think its all the negative ions. I love thunder & lightening. It was beautiful & sunny & I worked out in my backyard garden all day & then it all of a sudden got grey & I ran my errands in the rain. On & off downpour.. which was really fun!! : ) It’s a beautiful day.

Love is the most powerful vibration. Try consciously sending out love vibrations to everyone and everything around you.. you will make the world a more beautiful & better place to live and of course everything that you send out comes back to you multiplied. : )
Love helps to heal all sickness, all illnesses. Love uplifts people on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Love is magical. It is the best gift you can give.

Interesting personality scenario:
Tonight. Driving along Gerrard. Lots of work being done, tearing up & laying new streetcar tracks. There’s a big No Right Turn sign @ Woodbine. Very little traffic. No visible reason that I can see not to turn right. Green light. I turn right. Kaiya flips. ‘What are you doing?? You’re just asking for trouble!! The police will be looking for you!” Wow. I am laughing, I can’t stop. She says I always do things like this. She’s so upset at me & so all about following the rules regardless of if they are reasonable or not. I thought it was so interesting the difference between us in this respect. It was funny.

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